Children Of The Water Teaches Self Rescue To Kids

Posted on May 14, 2018

Words: Olivia Ebeling

With its soft, sandy beaches and azure waters, Ibiza is the perfect place to frolick in the sea. Likewise, thanks to the gloriously hot temperatures, a day spent lazing by the pool with your nearest and dearest is one of the most relaxing experiences to be had on your holidays. But to make sure that all family members can enjoy their aquatic fun in utmost safety, it’s important to be aware of potential risks and how to deal with emergency situations. Step forward Children of the Water, an organisation that guides families how to be safe in and around water.

As mothers and self-professed mermaids, founders Zoe and Jojo have developed a series of courses for families to learn and grow together in the water, and to become safe and happy swimmers. 
They say, “We all know the anxiety we feel when being around water with our young children. 
Ibiza is surrounded by water. The place we all came from and are made of. Ibiza has more swimming pools than super markets. It is therefore a great challenge for parents. We are here to make your family times near and in water happy and relaxed ones!”


Children of the Water teaches little ones from as young as six months how they can possibly save themselves from a challenging situation, such as falling into water unexpectedly. Depending on their age, Self Rescue shows kids how to hold their breath in the water, float, relax and breathe until rescued by an adult, and perform these skills fully clothed. Some infants may learn to propel a short distance through the water between two parents.


Children who can already walk, and are aged between one and six, can learn how to use breath control under water, swim with their face in the water to a safe place or parent, roll over onto their back when they need to breathe and – again – perform these skills fully clothed. It takes 20 lessons to complete this course. The teaching takes a holistic approach, respecting the fact that every child is different and learns at their own pace.


Between them, Zoe and Jojo speak Dutch, English and Spanish, and are happy to travel to you wherever you are based in the world to help your child turn grow into a safe, happy and confident swimmer through education, training and fun. The duo also works with underprivileged communities around the world to provide this potentially life-saving information to those who otherwise wouldn’t have access to it. Talk about guardian angels!

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