Cathy Guetta’s Unforgettable GangStar Closing

Posted on September 28, 2018

Words: Nina Saei

Who would have known that the lady of the moment, Cathy Guetta, could cause such a stir on the White Isle with her presence this season? From beach clubs to her own club night, the French socialite is certainly a force to be reckoned with – particularly when it comes to her Monday residency at Hï Ibiza, GangStar! A collaboration with The Night League, the new entry hip-hop and R&B night has seen 17 shows packed full of glamour, sass and plenty of hot attitude with a sexy boxing theme and Cathy’s GangSquad of 50 talent-stacked girls. This week the curtain closed on what has been an attention-stealing summer – Monday’s certainly will never be the same again!

In a first for Hï Ibiza, the venue has seen a spectacular transformation of its Theatre room for GangStar, complete with a catwalk and a boxing ring stage turning the slick interiors into an imaginary playground. Amongst all the foxy costumes, punchy entertainment and full-throttle girl power, the closing’s line-up was a neat mix of electronica stars and urban spice. Making full use of the novel set-up in the Theatre, DJ Agent 86, GLOWINTHEDARK B2B DJ Charlesy, Lady S B2B John Damez and Federico Kay laid on the records while in the Club room Claudio Tozzo, DJ D-One and Ale Zuber were on duty.

Gangstar Essentialibiza 2018003

Gangstar Essentialibiza 2018004

Gangstar Essentialibiza 2018005

GangStar has been the perfect event for those bored of a typical clubbing experience. As we entered the Theatre to catch GLOWINTHEDARK B2B DJ Charlesy, 50 Cent’s ‘In Da Club’ was aptly being dished out; everyone winding, grinding and singing along already in all their glory. The sports-glam vibe of the night meant smart shirts were intermingling with streetwear, every type of person invited to let rip to the impressive selections of old-school hip hop and African two-step.

Gangstar Essentialibiza 2018006

Gangstar Essentialibiza 2018007

Gangstar Essentialibiza 2018008

The duo’s set was peaking towards Cathy Guetta’s mid-event appearance, a 30-minute show that when it hit – it really hit! With the onset of Beyonce’s ‘Run the World’, the stage filled with a hoard of sexy boxing-gear clad dancers standing proud behind the lady boss. What followed can only be described as jaw-droppingly! Showing up all of the dancers with her unrelenting energy, Cathy Guetta popped, twisted and twerked her way through a fervent routine. MCing, interacting with the crowd and showing us all how it’s done, once finished, the dancefloor erupted into high-octane energy – mimicking the rear-shaking we’d just witnessed! The floor became a sea of ‘Bank of Cathy Guetta’ dollar bills that had come raining from the ceiling – serving up the baddest GangStar vibes!

Gangstar Essentialibiza 2018009

Gangstar Essentialibiza 2018010

Gangstar Essentialibiza 2018011

And if the Theatre room wasn’t packing enough punch, the Club room’s medley of artists had everyone’s hands in the air with EDM and hot house anthems, while the Wild Corner – or the W.C. – continued the banging electronica. GangStar has been a wildly popular hit this summer; full of action and brimming with irresistible urban hits. It has gone to show that there’s space on the island for Cathy Guetta’s extravaganza – 2019 what will you have in store?

Gangstar Essentialibiza 2018012

Gangstar Essentialibiza 2018013