Bottoms Up At Bubble Up Brunch

Posted on August 2, 2016

Words: Olivia Ebeling

Images: La Skimal

Forget that half day lie-in, even though you’re on holiday Sundays are no longer just for lazing in bed… Because while you keep hitting the snooze button, you are missing out on delicious food and champagne on tap!

Launching the stylish brunch concept Bubble Up at their new Figueretas eatery Cotton Lounge Club, Christian and Merete Marstrander are inviting you to a leisurely midday get-together where a fashionable late breakfast is served with oodles of flair, good music and stylish company. Teaming up with Collet Champagne, the bubbles are flowing (responsibly) all day and you will never find your glass empty. Sounds better than any dream that would keep you slumbering, if you ask us!bubble_up by la skimalbubble_up by la skimalWe went along on a hazy, sunny Sunday afternoon with a group of friends and were lucky to secure a table on the spacious glass-fronted balcony overlooking the expansive bay of Figueretas, with prime views on Ibiza’s sister island Formentera. With the sun glittering on the Mediterranean waters and a fine selection of Balearic beats and house versions of pop classics in our ear, we felt we were winning the weekend game as soon as we sat down. The atmosphere was relaxed but vibrant, with several big tables having chosen Bubble Up for a special get together with friends and family.bubble_up by la skimalbubble_up by la skimalA first delicious and crisp glass of champagne arrived within seconds, and we started to peruse the menu. For 65 Euros per head, at the table you can order from a choice of scrambled, fried, poached or boiled eggs, as well as omelettes, served with delicious sides such as grilled vegetables, mushrooms, smoked salmon, cheese, ham and truffle. Waiters are circulation the dining area with other hot dishes, such as delicious seafood paella and ebi fry tempura prawns – and, of course, fresh bottles of champagne!

bubble_up by la skimalbubble_up by la skimalEverything else, you can pick to your heart’s content from the buffet, which not only looks amazing but also offers a mix of healthy dishes and indulgent treats. Everything is served in miniature portions instead of the big trays one might associate with this type of dining, giving you not only the opportunity to try a little of everything, but also to exercise portion control should you so desire. As we have come to expect from the Marstrander venues, everything is executed in immaculate style; with a water decanter being filled with fresh, colourful fruit slices, juices being served in cute miniature glass bottles and fresh petals decorating the food.bubble_up by la skimalbubble_up by la skimalbubble_up by la skimalBubble Up’s food offering spans several different types of cuisines, ranging from classic Spanish and Mediterranean dishes to Middle Eastern, South American and Asian fare. We started our brunch with a plate of perfectly poached eggs and a very generous side of Iberian ham and grilled vegetables including mushrooms, red and green peppers, and onions. Our glass was consistently topped up – somehow, without us even noticing, always a sign of excellent service. After a trip to the buffet, we returned with grilled octopus on avocado cream, a miniature Spanish tortilla, cod and saffron mousse, strawberry chia pudding and one of the best carrot cakes we have tasted on the island. Our friends were dazzled by the fresh ceviche, delicious paella and a green tea layered yoghurt topped with berries, and we took great delight in grazing our way through the afternoon.bubble_up by la skimalbubble_up by la skimalbubble_up by la skimalAs the day went on – and the champagne kept flowing – the atmosphere got livelier, with several people enjoying a little boogie to the expertly spun tunes. Revelers got into conversation across tables, making new acquaintances or simply enjoying the view, and many stayed up until the last minute when the brunch finished at 6pm. We couldn’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday in Ibiza…

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