Bongo’s Bingo Returns To Ibiza

Posted on March 12, 2018

Words: Olivia Ebeling

If you like you’re parties with a little touch of quirk, then a night at Bongo’s Bingo will be right up your street! What used to be considered a game for cute grannies and granddads has been transformed into a raucous and hilarious new clubbing concept set to rock the White Isle for another summer. The hall? No other than the famous Eden Ibiza!

Described as an ‘insane mix of a live show, a rave and heads-down game of bingo, with dance-offs, rave intervals, plenty of heckling, audience participation and countless hands-in- the-air anthems’, Bongo’s Bingo has enjoyed a wildly successful 2017, which saw the unique party grow across the UK as well as international destinations including Australia, Dubai, Amsterdam and Paris.


A joint project with Garage Delight, for the summer of 2018 Bongo’s Bingo will return to Ibiza with lots of swagger and some special guests in tow: garage, grime and hip hop stars So Solid Crew. Mega Man says, “We are excited to return to sunny Ibiza this season with Bongo’s Bingo and Garage Delight and can’t wait to lift the roof off Eden and party hard every Tuesday with you and all my So Solid Crew! We’re gonna give you the best in old skool UK garage and new music from So Solid Crew. Tell everyone it’s going to be mental – see you there!”


Running from Tuesday, June 5th to Tuesday, September 25th, come and join not just for a night of incredible fun, sing-alongs and false calls, but something much more – for escapism, for nostalgia, for dancing on tables and also the chance to win random but utterly covetable prizes such as a pink unicorn, Henry Hoovers, boxes of Coco Pops, life-size cardboard cut-outs and big cash prizes. As far as random yet epic nights go, this one certainly hits the jackpot!