Bohemian Spirit At Atzaró Vibe Lounge

Posted on July 15, 2017

Images: Tamara Sini

An event at Atzaró is always stunning, due not least to the beautiful countryside surroundings and lavish décor. But last night at the Atzaró Vibe Lounge, as the crowds turned out to watch the beguiling acoustic sets in the balmy evening glow, there was something extra special in the air. A new concept for this summer, Friday nights in the stunning boutique hotel’s gardens are all about great music, relaxed ambience and delicious food and drink in great company. And the second in their Vibe Lounge series was hosted in collaboration with Secret Gigs Ibiza – intimate, unplugged home concerts that pop up at some of the most unique and mysterious locations on the White Isle.

Atzaró toes the line between luxe and inclusive, and last night was no exception – the chic, bohemian turnout included people of all ages, kids, dogs – you name it. Right from the off, everyone was laughing, smiling and having a good time; there was a gorgeous ambience to the place even before any music started. We might love a party here at Essential, but we love an excuse to kick back and chill out even more – so we grabbed a cold beer, laid out on one of the persian rugs acting as extra seating in the cool boho venue, and waited patiently for the acts to begin.



Up first was a beautifully simple acoustic set from a performer called Jacob, a German-native who has lived in Ibiza for years. Immediately, people were enraptured by his soulful voice, and the chattering in the crowd faded away as we all listening to his lovely singing. As he worked through his set list towards the end of his session, the sun had began so set in the background, casting beautiful colours onto the stage and surroundings. As he closed his set with his final number, everyone wooped and cheered. It had been a beautiful start to a gorgeous evening.


In between sets we had a little walk in around the venue, taking in Atzaró’s beautiful nooks and crannies that seem to look different every time you visit. It was dark by now, and the abundance of floating candles warmly lit the central infinity feature, while more candles burned brightly at the front of the stage. As well as sitting, cross-legged and bare-footed, on the ethnic rugs on the floor, people perched on squashy cushions and reclined on Bali beds – not one person seemed anything other than comfortable, relaxed and tranquil.


The next set was by Dutch Alin Clarke, who entertained the crowds with his emotive, R&B inspired self-penned tracks. Before each song, he would chat through the inspiration for it, and a few times in the set he got the audience singing the chorus with him. We [the audience] even sang a cappella with him at the end of his soulful set. In between sets, and as Secret Gigs set up for their headline act, ethnic world music played in the backgrounds and artist Barry Jazz Finnegan worked on his gigantic charcoal picture of Johnny Cash. People watched on as he worked, and mingled and chatted before settling back in their seats for the rest of the evening’s performances.


The penultimate performance was by this week’s Vibe Lounge headliners, a British duo made up of vocalist and guitar player Justin Manville and violinist Lettice Rowbotham. The set comprised of a combination of songs written by Manville, plus a couple of covers – there was a particularly poignant version of Hurt by Johnny Cash that undoubtedly made a few people in the audience shed a tear (myself included). The talented duo performed together with ease – the stunning violin melodies perfectly complementing Justin’s vocals, from Latin-inspired pizzicato playing to more classic riffs between verses and choruses. As the end of the set drew closer, the audience were cheering and shouting for one more song, so they played their newest track to an enthusiastic reception. David Block, singer and DJ, closed the show with his laid-back mix of ethnic and world music, perfect for the chilled, bohemian ambience of the evening. His voice was full of soul, and all the musical elements layered over eachother really did draw all the performances of the evening together nicely. It was the perfect ending to a beautiful evening.