Behind Ibiza Valet Parking

Posted on August 11, 2017

Words: Iain Thomson

Images: Tamara Sini

Ibiza Town is one of the island’s most visited destinations. Its historical significance and attractions as well as the plethora of amazing restaurants, bars and boutiques makes it popular with tourists and locals. That can mean, however, that parking can be tricky most times of the year and especially difficult when the population number swell in summer. The recent introduction of pedestrian zones at the expense of parking spaces has not made that process any easier, which is why the arrival of Ibiza valet Parking could not have come at a better time.

Located near the pedestrian zone and Ibiza Port, un the heart of the city, Ibiza Valet Parking offers a convenient and easy to use service that allows you to book in advance, drop your car off with the professional team, who will park it in a covered secure facility until you need it back. No longer do you have to think about leaving the house an hour before you need to in order to make an appointment, no more huge walks in the height of the summer to get from your car to the city centre and you have that peace of mind that your car is in good hands as you go about your day or night. We caught up with the team behind the time-saving new concept to find out more…


Where did the idea for the concept come from?
The idea arises from the difficulty of parking in the centre of Ibiza. We think that there is in Ibiza the need to give this service to users of restaurants, shops and hotels. With our service, you do not have to waste time looking for parking.

What are the main advantages of using Ibiza Valet Parking?
The first big advantage of the service is that you don’t waste time looking for parking. Another advantage is that you don’t have to walk, since our pick up point is very central. You also do not fear for the safety of your vehicle because we park it in a covered and secure parking area.

How much has the recent redevelopment in Ibiza Town made Ibiza Valet Parking even more important?
With the new remodeling of the centre of Ibiza, many parking spaces have been lost to pedestrian zones. It has also resulted in restricted access to many areas, the port included. Our collection point is conveniently located next to the port and the pedestrian zone, meaning you have direct access to the central area.


How do we join the club and make a booking?
You can book a reservation on our website, you can also book by phone or direct at the collection point where our coordinator organises the reservation for you.

Once we have made our booking what is the process?
Once you have made the reservation by the web or by telephone, you will only have to go to the collection point where our team will take photos of your vehicle and give you a ticket. When you want your car, you only have 15 minutes to wait and we will give it back to you. You can pay through the web if you have registered previously, by credit card or with cash.

What are the costs involved in parking with you for the afternoon?
The cost of the service is 15 euros, including the first hour of parking, the consecutive hours are 10 euros charged per minute automatically.

Are there time restrictions?
Service hours are from 9am to 3am. To use the service before 7 am you must call to make a reservation.

What are the penalties if we have too much to drink and leave the car overnight?
There is no penalty for leaving the car all night, the normal rate is charged until the customer picks up his vehicle.

Are there plans to branch out of Ibiza Town or even the island to other destinations?
We want to get the public used to the convenience and ease of the service first and then we will look to other problem parking areas throughout the island. We are also thinking of introducing the service in other Spanish problem points.