Be Crazy Is Back In Bloom

Posted on May 29, 2015

Words: Abby Lowe
Images: Tamara Sini

Thanks to years of indoctrination you’ve probably got a few ideas about what the people who inhabit Ibiza are like. And I suspect if you were to ask someone what the majority of those people on the island were like, in among their answers would be boho hippies – the ones who dance around barefoot with feathers in their hair; people who visit San Antonio, never leave San Antonio and only wear trainers, and affluent Europeans who arrive on super yachts and take baths in one hundred-year-old champagne. Now of course, these are all ridiculous stereotypes that don’t have a single element of truth. But let’s not focus on that, let’s focus on the lesser-mentioned group of people, the group who turn up year after year and never disappoint – the beautiful people. Because let’s be honest, they’re the ones we really want to look at, and they’re the ones who descended on the Be Crazy! opening party at Lío last night in their droves. Jean Claude Ades must have a giant magnet that pulls these people in – either that or everyone knows he puts on a thumpingly good party.

Lio Be Crazy Ibiza by TS 08Lio Be Crazy Ibiza by TS 03

Lío is the jewel in the already rather glistening crown of Marina Botafoch. It’s the home of glamour, glitz and cabaret and every night of the week you’ll find Europe’s jet-set excitedly filling its tables. They’ll be clad in designer clothes and wearing rocks the size of small meteorites on their fingers – they’re the eternal picture of poise and elegance, and easily give most celebrities a run for their money. Be Crazy! in turn, is Lío’s most popular party, and every Thursday without fail, it lures in the crowds and packs out Lío’s dancefloor, turning it into a throbbing scrum of the world’s elite – a mass of sky high stilettos, tailored suits and Belvedere vodka.

Lio Be Crazy Ibiza by TS 12

Tonight we stop off at Blue Marlin Marina (Jean Claude Ades had the same idea, we spotted him there having dinner) before making our way over to Lío around 1am. There’s already a sizeable queue, with people eager to sample the first Be Crazy! party of the season, but once inside Lío is the usual picture of seductive neon brilliance, and its compact, intimate dancefloor is already full with gyrating dancers. Marcus Worgull has made a start and his set is fuelled by fist-pumping bangers that keep hands permanently aloft and whoops of joy coming thick and fast. He effortlessly commands the dancefloor before making way for My Be Crazy! himself, Jean Claude Ades, who works some of his customary magic with a flow of sexy tunes, while being flanked by dancers who enticingly interpret every beat. Ades’ blend of soulful deep house is the perfect partner for Lío: as pleasing to the ear as the hot young crowd are to the eye.

Lio Be Crazy Ibiza by TS 13
Lio Be Crazy Ibiza by TS 14

Ades keeps playing well into the early hours, eager to feed the expectant crowd with the nectar they’ve been left craving all winter, and keen to make sure they get home having been satiated by a Be Crazy! fix. They’ll be back next week for more, and you should probably throw on your glad-rags and do the same.

Lio Be Crazy Ibiza by TS 19
Lio Be Crazy Ibiza by TS 22