Avicii Reaches Different Level

Posted on August 11, 2015

Images: Tamara Sini

Words: Al Krastev

Avicii’s Sunday party at Ushuaïa proves to be among one of the top choices across Ibiza with thousands of party-goers packing the poolside of the iconic hotel complex. After Benny Benassi wound up the floor with heavy tech beats on August 9, Avicii lifted the vocal house fans with a breathtaking mix of chart-toppers.

Ushuaia Avicii03
Ushuaia Avicii04

Barely in his fifth week, the young Swede keeps packing the unique Ushuaïa club, while gathering an impressive list of warm-up acts. Soon after the party opens with a set by Tobtok, the towels on the beach in front of the complex start multiplying in desperate hopes to eavesdrop on the best Sunday evening fiesta. When Otto Knows takes over the DJ booth, a continuously present line at the entrance forms. This week sees the union of two quite opposite genres of electronic music, with Benny Benassi’s more recent turn to consistent heavy beats proving successful in drawing a yet bigger and more diverse crowd. The deep sound has us stretching out our arms, clapping and pumping fists to the sky with the odd prolonged breakdown, which excite the crowd even more. Benny Benassi’s dynamic mix comes to a climax with a thumping track before he thanks us and makes way for the headliner. There is a brief space where tension builds amongst the capacity crowd and chanting breaks out.

Ushuaia Avicii05

When Avicii finally takes the stage, more smartphone screens than one can count cover the whole dancefloor with blinking red lights capturing every button pressed and switch turned up onstage. The smash hit Waiting For Love is his first tune and the waiting is forgotten as the crowd reacts in unison as neon lighting effects wash across grinning faces, all singing along, ‘We might as well be lovers on the floor’ all but drowned out by the collective karaoke around us. The theme is carried further by a remix of Love Me Again with many either making out or jumping as high as we can! The mix continues with some popular tunes, rich in well-known lyrics, a new rendition of an ATB classic takes us deep in the zone with tunnel visuals that transition into slowly moving green lazer walls. An unlikely house mix of Say My Name lifts us up before we rock rhythmically to Seek Bromance.

Ushuaia Avicii06
Ushuaia Avicii10

Before we know it, Hey Brother returns us to Avicii’s own super hits and the volume of the vocals almost all through the track are lowered multiple times, inviting us to become a massive chorus of thousands. We happily oblige, exploding in screams at the skillfully mixed heavy drops. The apocalyptic visuals are perfectly aligned with the charged lyrics and fit right in with the craze that follows to Avicii’s breakthrough Levels. The bursts of fireworks adds to the hammering heat of the adrenaline-heavy dancing bodies that now pack even the fringes of Ushuaïa club. The exhalted cheers do not end here, and we throw ourselves in the air to the classic Big Arthur, which entices further with slowly descending lazer beams. The dancers, hanging in ring swings in arches at the entrances to the VIP areas, are illuminated from all directions to mesmerize with nifty moves even to the dub twists Avicii has thrown into the mix. The strobes accompanying his rendition of Antidote have us dancing faster to the irresistible beat. Finally, the star of the night thanks us all, thanks god and tells us this show keeps getting better and better. We won’t let him go just yet and milk a couple of electro RnB mixes to keep us going until the hugely popular Wake Me Up has us singing along and going crazy to the spectacular lazer show, plethora of fireworks and above all the overwhelming sound that will keep us checking every step of Avicii’s career.

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