At Home In Beachouse

Posted on August 14, 2014

Words: Jo Mills
Images: NicJ.

If you landed in Ibiza and had no previous knowledge of the island’s venues and you spent any time in Beachouse in Playa d’en Bossa, whether lounging on one of its luxurious beds, eating from it’s delicious menu or reveling in one of its free parties, you could be excused for thinking it has been an island stalwart for years! The truth is, with only a matter of weeks under its belt, it has become a must-visit for tourists and islanders alike. The location might be shared with numerous other first class experiences but it has managed to make an instant impact, something that happens very rarely on this island. The operators behind the concept have great Ibiza experience of course, but that doesn’t guarantee anything, Ibiza, while being one of the most tolerant places on earth, can be particular when taking to new places. Why has it been an instant success? We like to think that a great concept coupled with amazing staff and the service that they deliver, a cool attitude and a genuine product play a major part but try it and make up your own mind. When the Essential team was invited to drop in for lunch we didn’t hesitate, Jo Mills, good friend Paula Jilla and the rest of the crew hit the Beachouse to sample some of its delicious wares and give you their thoughts…

Beachouse with essentialIbiza  photograph by Nic Click Ibiza 2014    image01
Beachouse with essentialIbiza  photograph by Nic Click Ibiza 2014    image02

Beachouse has fast become an island favourite, in a mere seven weeks the restaurant has made its mark on Playa en Bossa beach and the essential Ibiza crew! Leaving the cars in the valet parking we arrived through the main entrance and were greeted with a genuine warmth that instantly made us feel welcome. The restaurant itself is on all accounts sleek and stylish with high ceilings, contemporary art, wooden furniture painted in soft muted tones, pure white linen draped from the tables, wooden paneled walls and a straw ceiling, which all add to the airy and laid back feeling of space and style. Along the back of the restaurant are large comfortable sofas to sink into after dinner or for enjoying a refreshing cocktail out of the heat. There are also larger dining areas, which comfortably sit 14 on large wooded tables and lounge style chairs, perfect for special occasions.

Beachouse with essentialIbiza  photograph by Nic Click Ibiza 2014    image05

Our waitress for the afternoon showed us to our beachfront table, which came with a complementary fresh sea breeze! We kicked back and soaked up the relaxing down beats from the DJ Jamie Gittins while we browsed through the extensive menu, perfect for a hot summers afternoon, from which we choose a selection of cold starters, including a crunchy salad with French and fava beans fava beans, green peas with creamy ricotta – a delicious mix of textures and taste; green lentil salad combined with delicately seasoned cucumber, cherry tomatoes, shallots, green beans and fresh ricotta; finely sliced Octopus carpaccio served with brunoise vegetables drizzled with lemon oil; quinoa salad with grapes, nuts, cucumber and cherry tomatoes laced with a yuzu vinaigrette and lime juice, the perfect way to start the meal. Polishing off the starters tapping our feet to sound of ‘Hotel California’ and some sweet soul music, we enjoyed an easy afternoon sipping refreshing zesty cava sangria while everything we could ever need was taken care of by our fantastic waitress.

Beachouse with essentialIbiza  photograph by Nic Click Ibiza 2014    image06
Beachouse with essentialIbiza  photograph by Nic Click Ibiza 2014    image07

For the main event we chosea varied selection that included a rich spaghetti Bolognese; the juicy Beachouse burger prepared Italian style with melted mozzarella, green pesto, tomato, rocket and a side of fries; rotisserie chicken for two, slow-roasted in Italian herbs with deliciously seasoned roasted potatoes; a slab of cod with a black olive crust served with baby potatoes and a rocket salad and fresh from the ocean sea bream fillet cooked with tomato and basil on a bed of potato puree. Do however save a space for dessert as these are not to be missed! The main courses managed to achieve something that has so far proved elusive during the first few years of Essentialibiza – silence. Apart from the obligatory but by no means genuine offer to taste our dish, the table falls silence and clearly everyone is delighted with their choice.

Beachouse with essentialIbiza  photograph by Nic Click Ibiza 2014    image08

To get the real flavour of the Beachouse menu, going the distance and indulging in one of it’s deliciously naughty desserts is a must, and there are several to choose from. We opted for the show stopping Beachouse summer crumble, with layers of raspberry mouse; a divine lemon sorbet with a coconut and pistachio crumble; yummy nut semifredo with an orange compote and silky chocolate sauce, creamy vanilla panocotta, a classic Italian tiramisu and the Beachouse cioccolato cake, which is a chocolate lovers idea of paradise. We even managed to squeeze in the fresh fruit platter with lemon sorbet, which is ideal for sharing. A couple of bottles of the chilled and delicate Beachouse rose was perfect in the mix and rounded off a delicious lunch by the sea. The menu offers a wide variety of choice, there are also 11 different pizzas, a whole sea bass, risotto and a good selection of sides, just a few of the other things to tantalise your palate.

Beachouse with essentialIbiza  photograph by Nic Click Ibiza 2014    image09

Chatting with our waitress, she tells us that the evening sitting has become more and more popular in recent weeks as Beachouse gets its feet well and truly under the Ibiza table. One of the more popular services that it offers sees bathers soaking up the sun all day before taking advantage of the Beachouse power showers and discreet changing area before engaging Blowout Ibiza, who are stationed in Beachouse all day, to give them a make over and blow dry their hair, making sure that the ladies are glamorous and ready for the dinner table without having the hassle of going to home to get changed! It’s a great option and one that we are surprised has never really been available before, enjoy the day and the night without having the inconvenience of splitting them up. That said, if you prefer to relax at home, get ready and then hit the beach, Beachouse is the perfect destination. The venue lights up after dark and with the huge palm trees at the front and side of the venue offering a unique view of Bossa beach, you could be anywhere in the world, Bali or Thailand or other exotic destinations. Pick the right night – Friday and Sunday night are particularly popular with Sun Set Lovers and Guy Gerber’s Rumors both offering late night dancing and an electric atmosphere. Once you have spent some time in the company of Beachouse and given it the opportunity to charm you, you will understand why it has become such a big hit in such a short space of time – the understated elegance, the clever choice of colours and materials and the tasteful way that they have combined to provide the most welcoming of vibes makes for a sexy afternoon or night on one of the island’s most popular beaches.

Beachouse with essentialIbiza  photograph by Nic Click Ibiza 2014    image04