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Posted on July 10, 2015

Words: Iain Thomson
Images Tamara Sini/ La Skimal

No matter how much you love the city or, in our case, the charming village of Santa Gertrudis, after a day of dotting about the island, from meeting to meeting, from beach to bustling Ibiza Town and back, there is nothing quite like the feeling of complete tranquility to be found in the Ibiza countryside. Aubergine, the new eatery on the road from Santa Gertrudis to San Miguel, is the epitome of country chic, a stunning destination that embraces the simplicity of country life and adds a splash of sophistication. Tonight it is hosting its first exhibition, from celebrated artist Kevin Sharkey, it’s our second visit and, like the first, when we park and walk into the heart of Aubergine, we can actually feel the stress of our busy day dissipate. A deep breath tells you that you are in the heart of the countryside and if that doesn’t, a quick look around confirms it. Surrounded by fields, many of which contain the delicious fresh produce that make up the majority of the menu, it’s hard to imagine the madness that is simultaneously happening in the middle of the island’s busiest resorts!

aubergine_Ibiza by La Skimal
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Aubergine has enjoyed a successful, if subtle opening. It’s a venue that is open all year round and it’s one for the locals, although adventurous tourists that explore outside of their resort are more than welcome. The country restaurant offers a two-terrace al fresco dining experience that is hard to beat but the cozy nature of the interior already has us dreaming of winter nights surrounded by friends basking in warm conversation of how we all managed to survive another manic summer! Aubergine is set in 15,000 square metres of prime Ibiza farmland and is blessed with ample space both inside and out. The building that hosts the exhibition also has space for a shop where you can pick up some natural ingredients and some cool mementos of your time here. This is where Kevin Sharkey is showcasing his latest exhibition, offering a multi-coloured array of curved lines that are positively hypnotic. Not being art aficionados, finding the relevant words to do the pieces justice is not easy but suffice to say it was easy to get lost looking at them. All of the artwork is new, Kevin explained that he sold out all of his painting earlier this year when a wealthy client took a liking to his last exhibition and bought them all! In fact, two of the pieces in this latest exhibition were sold before we had even arrived in Aubergine!

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The sun is high in the sky when we first land and people are chilling out in the garden area, enjoying some shade and sipping organic wine from the Oliveira family. Both red and white are delicious, light and fresh and going down very well. It’s a cool mixture that has dropped in to Aubergine, from locals that are Ibiza born and bred to residents from all over Europe who have chosen Ibiza as home and even an odd TV personality, all relaxing in the grounds and enjoying a chance to get back to nature. Having spent a lovely afternoon in Aubergine earlier in the month, we couldn’t drop in again without having something to eat from its amazing menu. I went straight for the Pollo Payes with mashed potato and sweet potato, which was my favourite last time round and while it shows a lack of imagination on my part, my stomach was not complaining. Other choices landing at our table included the caramelised pumkin salad with feta cheese and the Greek salad, two explosions of colour and taste that were devoured almost as quickly as my chicken! Our visit to Aubergine was exactly what was needed. After a long day my head was ready for exploding, after a few minutes in this delightful country retreat my breathing returned to normal and I eventually left feeling relaxed and ready for whatever the rest of the week brought. Now I just need to work a bit harder and save more money so I can bag myself one of those Kevin Sweeney paintings for the apartment!

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