Are You Ready For The Next Phase?

Posted on July 8, 2015

Words: Al Krastev
Images: Hrvoje Slebur

Carl Cox and Safehouse Management launched its Ibiza 2015 season on Tuesday as Music Is Revolution took things to the ‘Next Phase’. The last of the major parties to open, anticipation had been building towards the return of the talented headliner and with a typically talent heavy line up alongside him, it promised to be a memorable start to the 14th season. The news that has filtered from the club to the street is that Carl Cox is on early and playing an extended set, it’s the only chat occupying the legions making their way through Bossa to Space Ibiza. Carl Cox has consistently packed Tuesday night at Space for almost a decade and a half, and with the size of the crowd heading towards the famous club, Ibiza 2015 looks like being business as usual.

Carl Cox Opening photographed by Hrvoje Slebur 19
Carl Cox Opening photographed by Hrvoje Slebur 03

The party kicks off in the Sunset Terrace, with an explosion of screams, whistles and cheering when Carl Cox takes the DJ booth and delivers a spectacular mix of commercially successful tracks. The crowd needs no one to lead it in a massive shout of “Hey, hey!” at every vocal section of Dennis Ferrer’s well known club cut. Everyone is jumping and shuffling to the skillful twists of the music that is somehow satisfyingly varied, while persistently techie. Suddenly, a big white sheet covers us all as the lights dance on top, bottling the tension underneath it, acting as a catalyst which explodes at the next bass drop. There’s a steady influx of clubbers that sees the main room open and begin to build without affecting the vibe on the terrace. Adam Beyer and Ida Engberg are back to back to get the discoteca underway for the 2015 summer.

Carl Cox Opening photographed by Hrvoje Slebur 18
Carl Cox Opening photographed by Hrvoje Slebur 06

The main room is a huge club space and one that almost demands a tougher musical journey, the beats are chunky, the tempo slightly faster and the lighting flits between a soft encompassing red wash and piercing bright strobe. The heat increases as the room fills quickly, the only respite comes from the blast of cool air from the huge ice cannons that engulf the now capacity crowd each time they fire. Adam Beyer and Ida Edgerg are accomplished performers in their own right, as a back to back duo they have delivered the perfect opening salvo of the season and it’s time to hand over the booth to Carl Cox, which, of course results in a spontaneous and loud roar from the floor. The discoteca is an imposing room that might get the butterflies in the stomach of most DJs dancing, but the smiling headliner couldn’t look more at home if he was in his lounge sat in his favourite chair! That infectious grin that had benchmarked every gig that Carl Cox has ever played is evident for all to see, he’s clearly ready to take us on a journey none of us will forget.

Carl Cox Opening photographed by Hrvoje Slebur 01
Carl Cox Opening photographed by Hrvoje Slebur 02

The beauty of Space as a club is the number of great spaces available in which to enjoy your night, while the majority of the huge crowd is crammed into the discoteca for Carl Cox’s first performance of the summer, there are other rooms also going off and, after a prolonged period of thumping bass from the huge system, a wander around is not without merit. The Space terrace is another iconic room that has played host to some amazing performances over the years and Spanish hero UNER is busy carving out yet another. The Sunset Terrace is not as loud now, there is a live sax player accompanying the music, the premier etage offers some fresh air, a more chilled vibe and the chance to look out over the end of Bossa. After a brief reccy if the other rooms, it’s back to the discoteca, where Carl Cox is entering the next phase of his mammoth set, the grin is still in place, he still dances behind the booth like it is his first ever gig and he has complete control of the room.

Carl Cox Opening photographed by Hrvoje Slebur 22
Carl Cox Opening photographed by Hrvoje Slebur 09

The roof lights start blinking in circles, hinting the wind-down is inevitable, but when the sound is fully turned down at 7:30, the still busy main room just won’t have it. We all cheer and scream for an encore and Carl Cox steps back with outstretched arms unable to let us go quite yet. The following 20-minute special set takes us back to uplifting vocals and includes the star of the night motioning for us to crouch down and burst in an explosion at the drop. It has been a marathon opening session and one that everyone enjoyed, from the world famous DJ to the latest generation of kids experiencing the unique Music Is Revolution vibe for the first time. It might be the last big party residency to get under way, but it was well and truly worth the wait!

Carl Cox Opening photographed by Hrvoje Slebur 21