Anti-Valentine’s Soirée At Factory Bar & Smokehouse

Posted on February 12, 2018

Words: Olivia Ebeling

For all the doe-eyed romantics who relish Valentine’s Day, there are also plenty of people who hate February 14th and the slushy romance it peddles. Factory Bar & Smokehouse is providing a safe haven for all those who want to avoid dining amidst loved-up couples and instead enjoy drinks, hearty food or perhaps the Champions League Game while pretending the whole charade doesn’t exist.

After receiving a welcome drink at the venue’s Stupid Cupid Anti-Valentine’s Soirée on February 14th, singles, friends and – yes – lovers who are keeping the smugness in check are invited to tuck into Factory Bar & Smokehouse’s BBQ menu, listen to the specially curated playlist, play a game of pool or join in a round of speed-dating and many more anti V-Day activities. If you’re a dedicated San Valentin Grinch, then this will be the place to seek shelter on Wednesday!

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