An Elegant Taster Menu At Destino Ibiza

Posted on July 14, 2017

Words: Rosie Wilson

Images: Tamara Sini

The cool Destino Ibiza might be best known for it’s lavish parties and beautiful poolside oasis, but the venue also offers a top-notch restaurant with haute food and entertainment, too. Having only heard good things, we decided to sample the foodie offering.

As we were seated at our outdoor table by our host Gonzalos, we couldn’t help noticing how pretty all the details were – from the bamboo tiki lanterns burning on the outskirts of the venue to the dainty seashell placemats and elegant silver and glassware on the tables. It was dark by the time we arrived for our late night dinner, and incredibly ambient – the palm trees were lit from beneath and the spacious dining area was cool and dusky.



The food at Destino Ibiza was superb, and plated very elegantly. We sampled the taster menu, but we had a look over the a la carte menu which also looked very good, if that’s more your thing. Our first course, a sundried tomato tartar with tender mackerel chunks and sweet white gazpacho, was full of interesting flavours, dimensions and colours – and went well with the delicious bacon and olive bread we’d been offered prior to its arrival. Next up was the fish course: a beautifully presented dainty potion of black mero, with white asparagus in a buttery sauce and a sweet potato mash. The thick, smokey barbecued fish juxtaposed perfectly with the sweet potato mash, which was so sweet it almost tasted caramelised. Our attentive sommelier kept our wine glasses topped up throughout the night, and for the first two courses we drank crisp, chilled rosé, ideal for a balmy summer night.



Although the food might have been the reason we were there, the entertainment on the evening was certainly something that captured our attention. At the beginning of the night, each table had been handed a sparkler, and asked to wave it as a ‘birthday girl’ arrived for dinner. We did so, and visitors clapped and wooped as she sat down at her table. As we returned to our meals, another member of the same party got up and performed a version of Natural Woman to the ‘birthday girl’, and later two more members of the talented group performed a flamenco dance on the stage just behind the dining area. People may have been quicker off the mark than me, but to be honest it took me until the main courses arrived to realise that it probably wasn’t anyone’s birthday. By then, the entertainment was in full flow: two male gymnasts were wheeled out on a Bali bed and performed an impressive balancing act on one of the tables, and a cabaret singer got the crowd involved as he weaved in between tables. Towards the end of the night, two silver clad dancers in full mirrored suits, masks and hats came out and performed a number with the rest of the party, and after it was over, the performers worked their ways around the tables, chatting to diners.



In the thick of all this activity, we almost forgot that we had more food on the way – but For our main course, we were served rare, soft wagyu beef with a medley of cheesy vegetables, which were served in a small cast iron pan. We sipped red wine with the mains, which had been selected by our sommelier to complement the beef perfectly. For dessert, we ate a dainty portion of chocolate tart pie, with piped chocolate cream, marbled chocolate shards and edible flowers. We finished the meal with large goblets of strong Irish coffee topped with whipped cream.



As dinner drew to a close, we relaxed in the idyllic settings of Destino Ibiza, and watched the expansive, lit up cruisliners on the water in the distance. Destino Ibiza is the perfect place to spend a lazy summer evening, whether you’re a holidaymaker or an island native.

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