Amazonia EU Launches New Açaí Product

Posted on March 13, 2017

Words: Olivia Ebeling

The new season is so close we can almost taste it, and with that comes the all-important summer prep! While island residents are gearing up for their busiest business months of the year, those who are coming to the island on holiday are starting to work on their beach bodies. Here at Essential Ibiza, we have an important ally in our mission to increase our energy, work on our stamina and – yep – look good in our swimwear, and that’s Amazonia EU’s organic frozen açai berry pulp.

Bursting with antioxidants and vitamins, the Brazilian miracle fruit is the perfect wellness boost during the whirlwind of parties, late nights and the sizzling heat that takes over Ibiza during the high season. Whether you drink it as a smoothie or enjoy a traditional açai breakfast bowl, the frozen pulp makes for a refreshing and light meal during the hot summer months and helps you to stay on top of your game by increasing your energy levels and clearing out toxins – and for that reason, it’s also pretty good as a hangover cure.


Just in time for the new season, Amazonia has announced the arrival of the Açaí Pure Superfood frozen packs, a new range of the superfood product that is joining the already hugely popular Açai Energy which is made with a hint of organic cane juice and organic guarana extract. Açaí Pure is created from premium organic açaí berries grown wild in the Amazon rainforest. Frozen immediately after harvesting for unmatched nutritional value, with nothing added, the açai has double the antioxidant concentration of blueberries, omegas 3,6 & 9 and over 50 essential nutrients unique to the Amazonian soil. So if you prefer your açaí unsweetened, with only 72 calories Amazonia Açaí Pure is the perfect option for you.


You only need to take one look at the vibrant colour of Amazonia’s Frozen Açai to see it is a superior quality to other brands; the pulp is tightly packed and not bulked out with water, making it literally glow a bright purple. If you’re on the island, you can order the superfood directly to your villa – with many delicious recipes for your inspiration available here – or let the team come to your abode and whizz up the perfect açaí bowl for you. You will also find the purple goodness on many menus across the best beach bars, hotels, and cafes on the White Isle.


This summer, make sure to also look out for two new frozen organic superfoods coming from the Amazonia team, Pink Pitaya and Coconut. And if you want to supplement your healthy diet and training regime, the health food company’s Raw Nutrition range – unique blends of concentrated superfoods, sea minerals, herbs, sprouts, seeds and living pre-probiotics – as well as the delicious and vegan Raw Protein selection, will support your wellness and fitness goals from the inside out. Feeling your best has never tasted so good, so watch out, summer, we’re coming for you!

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