After Partying With 8O8

Posted on September 2, 2015

Words: Abby Lowe
Images: Phrank.

Like all epic stories, it began in the midst of a storm, with the clouds black like oil, and raindrops the size of angry, clenched fists that came thumping down like punches. People took refuge under trees and sought shelter in shops as the skies unleashed an otherworldly display of blinding light and guttural rolls of thunder – anyone would think the world was ending, but of course, this was all just the beginning. We watched bemusedly through the car windscreen at the scene unfolding before us, slightly daunted by the journey ahead. But in the back of our minds we knew we’d push on, because the rewards would be worth it – no amount of obstacles could stop us on this quest. Today we were following a pin location, one that would lead us to the Ibiza Holy Grail – the after party – this time an after party with Apollonia providing the tunes and 8O8 whisky serving up drinks. So you can understand our commitment to the cause.


We set off mid-afternoon, confident that the illusive pin would lead us seamlessly to our destination. But it’s never as easy as that, and after 45 minutes, when we found ourselves leaving the car to hike through deserted campo, we began to suspect that things might not be as straightforward as we’d envisaged. Several phone calls, a few photo ops and five emergency Oreo biscuits later, we finally arrive at the right villa, spurred on by the sight of other cars full of people looking just as confused but equally as determined as us.


We’re in the depths of San Jose, and predictably, when we pull up to the gate, we’re firmly told we’re not on the guestlist. We insist otherwise and are eventually allowed in – this is all part of the fun of getting into an after party. Inside, the villa is like an adult’s wonderland. Stylishly dressed clubbers with serious staying power are milling around the pool, people are dancing in front of the makeshift DJ booth and others are helping themselves to the food that’s just been served. There are massage beds and a juice stand, and the pièce de resistance – a pop-up bar courtesy of 8O8 whisky, manned by two barmen with twinkles in their eyes who are doling out cocktails like seasoned pros. 8O8 has become the island’s favourite drink this summer – it’s smooth, soulful and flips any preconceptions about whisky you may have had on their head, and having been developed with music at its heart, it’s no surprise every discerning clubber and DJ has been seen with 8O8 in their hand this season. Today the barmen are whipping up some banging cocktails – one, a combination of 8O8, fresh ginger and pressed cranberry juice, the other, a mixture of 8O8, champagne and ginger syrup – both knock your socks off, both are exactly what’s needed to get everyone in the party spirit.


Eventually the rain subsides and people begin to dive-bomb (badly) the swimming pool. The music is suitably after party eclectic, even ‘Pump Up The Jam’ has made it onto the set list today. As the afternoon draws on, Apollonia step up, with Shonky, Dan Ghenacia and Dyed Soundorom going b2b2b for hours upon hours upon hours. And we dance diligently in a haze of 8O8 infused contentment, slightly awed by the fact we’re at the best party on the island, dancing to Apollonia in the company of only a couple of hundred people. As far as Tuesdays go, it’s really not so shoddy. We stay till dark, leave with a bucketful of unmentionable memories and total respect for the magic of this island. Just another day in paradise.

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