A Stylish Fashion Fusion At Cotton Beach Club

Posted on July 24, 2017

Words: Olivia Ebeling

Images: Tamara Sini

Since it single-handedly put the quiet resort of Cala Tarida on the proverbial ‘map’ with its beautiful beach club and restaurant concept, the Cotton Group has become synonymous with luxury and style. Ever striving to improve their offering, this year owners Christian and Merete Marstrander have chosen renowned Kurru Kurru designer Marinela Cifteli to run their flagship property’s onsite Cotton Lifestyle Store, a boutique filled with sartorial treasures and eye-catching accessories for women, men and children.

A long-term island resident, style vixen and respected businesswoman, the gorgeous Marinela needs little introduction, neither to those who live on the White Isle year-round nor the international jet set who summers here. As the founder and creative brain behind the sexy and sophisticated Kurru Kurru brand, she has dressed the movers and shakers of Ibiza for many years – one breath-taking look at a time. We visited Marinela in her new home at Cotton Beach Club to talk all things fashion, trends and her collaboration with this iconic Ibiza brand…



How many of your own designs do you feature in the shop, and how many other brands?
We present the complete 2017 Kurru Kurru Summer Collection at the Cotton Lifestyle Store, a total of 34 new designs brought to life with biological materials and vegan prints. This season is inspired by the fragility of flowers and the collection was crafted in Ibiza. In order to present a fresh and diverse selection, we have adopted some international brands such as “Friendly Hunting” from Germany and “Nialaya” from Los Angeles. We also stock jewellery from Swiss label “Perla Principessa” – an extravagant but classically elegant collection for 2017.

How did your partnership with the Marstranders come about?
A dear friendship and a good idea…

How would you describe the Cotton customer’s style and how does it fit with the Kurru Kurru aesthetic?
The clientele usually matches the lifestyle that Cotton represent, which is all about individuality, friendship, a cosmopolitan mindset and a certain attitude of “laisser faire”. Kurru Kurru was conceived in Germany, planned in the USA, founded in Ibiza and the label takes pride in dressing strong, free-spirited women, so we feel quite at home at Cotton Beach.



How do you choose the other labels that are in the shop?
I only choose designs that I would like to wear myself. Not only does that mean that I can offer and promote my merchandise to the customer honestly and with a certain know-how, it also ensures that all pieces fit together perfectly to create the Kurru Kurru vibe.

What are the standout trends for this season?
A standout trend I have observed this summer is the combination of denim shorts worn with a bikini top and a traditional kimono. And my recommended must-have item for this summer would be a pair of mirrored sunglasses.




What is your motto when it comes to getting dressed for an event in Ibiza?
This is a tough question because Ibiza’s parties are so diverse and follow certain themes. But you should definitely always dress light… And if you plan to last until the after party, you should certainly carry a pair of shades with you!

How many times a week are you at Cotton Beach Club?
The Cotton Lifestyle Store is opened seven days a week from 12.00 – 20.00.

Do you do private appointments and home visits too?
Kurru Kurru provides a 24/7 delivery service, which takes our team to yachts, hotels and villas all over the island. The service can include a stylist and a make-up artist on request, too, and can be booked via www.kurrukurru.com. If time is of the essence, the website also provides a FASHION SOS phone number for immediate delivery of up to 30 dresses and accessories to choose from!



What about fittings?
We aim to adjust our designs to fit the measurements of our clients perfectly – and since we offer a wide variety of bridal summer gowns especially made for outdoor and beach weddings, we have to do many fittings and private appointments with our clients. Pau Brasil, a dining and music space in the heart of the island, is the perfect place for this. It is easy to reach and has a huge, free parking lot. The place itself has a vibrant and colourful atmosphere of sheer happiness.

Where else can people find you?
Our Kurru Kurru showroom is located at Pau Brasil and you can also buy find the collection at KM5, Babylon Beach and, of course, at the Cotton Beach Club Lifestyle Store.

Further Information
w: www. cottonbeachclub.com
w: www.kurrukurru.com