A Five Star Breakfast At Hotel Mirador

Posted on August 19, 2017

Images: Tamara Sini

Knowing a colleague and I were meeting for breakfast at Hotel Mirador, which is perched atop Dalt Vila, I ambitiously decided to park near the Ibiza Town harbour and take a stroll up to the venue via the steep, winding paths. 15 very stressful and sweaty minutes later, I coughed and spluttered my way up to her, the victim of the seasonal 35 degree heat. It didn’t last long – the ambience at Hotel Mirador is instantly soothing, the views are spectacular and our attentive host Angel rushed over to take my coffee order the minute I sat down. Before I’d eaten or drank a thing, I knew the breakfast at Hotel Mirador had been worth the hike.

50 metres from where we’re sitting on the picturesque terrace is a sheer cliff face down to the sparkling turquoise ocean, and it makes for a very special breakfast spot. The acoustic melody played by the busker in the adjacent underpass can be heard faintly, and the combination of historic elegance from the surroundings and contemporary luxury from the hotel itself is instantly relaxing. At €30 for the generous set breakfast at Hotel Mirador, it’s an affordable way to sample the island’s luxury at its finest.



Breakfast commenced with coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice, and was quickly followed by our first dish, individual fruit platter flecked with edible silver leaf. While we were tucking into these, Angel brought over more for our first ‘course’ – yoghurts with individual packets of muesli and a dainty cake stand of pastries and breads served with a selection of preserves. Everything is packaged individually so that you can have your breakfast just how you like it, which is a nice touch. As we dined, sheltered from the sun under the big white parasols on the terrace, we soaked up the historic ambience of Dalt Vila and couldn’t help but comment how peaceful and relaxing it was here, away from the hustle and bustle of the White Isle in peak season.


In between courses, we took a stroll around Hotel Mirador and its beautiful interiors. The indoor dining area is little and intimate, with few more than 40 or 50 covers altogether. Traditional Mediterranean décor is juxtaposed with a slick stainless steel bar, and original artworks hang on the wall. It’s very old meets new, classic and contemporary. Back on the terrace outside, Angel brings us the second half to our breakfast – fluffy, creamy scrambled eggs; a light omlette densely packed with ham and a wooden platter of delicate Iberian ham. We ate our eggs – which were cooked to perfection – with the remainder of bread and pastries and another coffee.



When we’d finished, sated and content, I welcomed the gentle amble back to the car, snaking around the shady walls of Dalt Vila. Inject a little luxury into your morning; breakfast at Hotel Mirador is an utterly heavenly way to start the day, whether you’re a holidaymaker or au fait with the island.

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