A Cosy Winter Lunch At Aubergine Ibiza

Posted on December 4, 2017

Words: Olivia Ebeling

Pictures by Gabi Vazquez. Now that the temperatures have begun to drop on the White Island, what better way is there to spend a winter’s day than to hunker down in a cosy countryside restaurant with delicious Mediterranean comfort food? Lured by Aubergine Ibiza’s delicious ‘farm to table’ cuisine and the rustic charm of the eatery, we spend a rainy afternoon soaking up the glow of the open fireplace and warming up on hearty but healthy dishes perfect for the colder weather.

Located on the road that runs between Santa Gertudris and Sant Miguel, the whitewashed outside of the traditional Ibicencan farmhouse and its colourful sign are easy to spot. We have enjoyed many a delicious meal at the beautiful venue, but walking through the lush gardens with its orange trees and flowering beds never fails to make us fall in love all over again. Now, in December, Aubergine is open from Wednesday through to Sunday for breakfast and lunch between the hours of 10.00 and 18.00.

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Because of the temperamental weather, we chose a table inside the main building – as close to the roaring fireplace as we could get! Part of the Atzaro Group since 2017, the restaurant’s interiors are the epitome of rural chic, with images of authentic Ibicencan country life adorning the walls, a beautiful colour palette that combines natural shades with gentle splashes of pastel mint hues and vintage inspired crockery. We let the friendly team choose a selection of dishes to share for us. In the off-season months Aubergine operates a slightly reduced menu to reflect the seasonal changes, but the restaurant is also taking part in the Sabores de Ibiza [Tales of Ibiza] culinary initiative, which offers a three-course selection of dishes for only 25 Euros from Wednesday to Friday between 13.00 and 16.30.

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We started our meal with a tasty Piadina filled with Serrano ham, rocket leaves and smoked Scarmoza cheese, a quesadilla style construction bursting with flavours that made the perfect carby treat for cold days. We have become a little obsessed with Aubergine’s imaginative salad creations, and the goats cheese concoction proved one more time that eating healthy is far from boring. Bursting with a variety of fruits and nuts and topped with a perfectly baked slice of creamy dairy goodness, the salad was a feast of textures, colours and aromas. An instant new favourite, the small cooking pot filled with fried ‘huevos camperos’ and a fragrant ratatouille of red peppers and typical Ibicencan ‘sobrasada’ sausage, served with toasted bread to scoop up the sweet and sour sauce with, disappeared within seconds – and we already know that it will be one of those dishes that will lure us back to the eatery when a sudden craving strikes.

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After a little break, we tried Aubergine’s nutritious Buddha Bowl, a healthy signature dish packed with fresh produce from the restaurant’s own gardens such as roasted pumpkin, chickpeas and purple onion. Crunchy almonds and squishy tofu – or chicken – complete the delicious combination, which is topped with a mouth-watering peanut and chilli dressing that brings the flavours of Asia to the plate. Another table favourite was the roasted fennel topped with chunks of bacon, which had an addictive smoky aroma that reminded us of nights spend around the fire. Last, but not least, we feasted on Aubergine’s utterly divine chicken, a masterpiece cooked to perfection with crispy skin on the outside and tender, moist meat below. Served with fluffy couscous and roasted vegetables, season with aromatic rosemary and garlic, the dish had us swooning with delight.

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Now that we don’t have to worry about our ‘beach bodies’ until the sun returns next year, of course we didn’t turn down the offer of desserts, tucking into a huge slice of cheesecake the size of a doorstopper and just the right balance of sweetness with a hint of tartness. The shortbread base and red fruit coulis trickling down from the top made it one of the best we have found on the island. Never ones to say no to a brownie, we also enjoyed the gooey, chocolatey treat served with a dollop of delicious silky ice cream. A potent round of espressos helped us to ward off the impending food coma, and we reluctantly strolled out of the cosy oasis that is Aubergine to resurface to reality. As you can guess, we will be sure to return soon…

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