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Posted on June 12, 2018

Words: Iain Thomson

For those amongst you, that, like me, are optically challenged and, also like me, like their retail therapy bursting with personality, laughter, fun and an elite level of professionalism, forget directions to your previous go-to optician and convert immediately to Optica La Mar, in Santa Eulalia, you will never look back!

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Don’t make the mistake of thinking that an optician on a holiday destination is only good for sunnies, yes, Georg, owner and the main source of the hilarity in Optica La Mar, stocks the very best and most up-to-date frames to shield you from the sun but Optica la Mar is blessed with some of the finest frames for normal glasses and in Georg, it has an optical Jedi that has an uncanny ability to pair you with the glasses you were always meant to have, even if you would never have chosen them for yourself. If you live in Ibiza or are visiting the island, do yourself a favour, set aside an afternoon, enjoy the tranquillity of the Santa Eualalia promenade and open yourself up to the best glasses buying adventure you will ever have. From the minute you enter, the welcome is warm and genuine, whether it’s from Raoni, Isabell or Georg himself. With an uncanny knack of matching frames to faces, our best advice is to put yourself in his hands. You’ll end up with a better choice than otherwise.

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As an operation based on a Balearic island, Optica La Mar has no business having the range of frames that it boasts, many designers and editions you might only expect to find in larger fashion destinations. This is testament to Georg’s standing within the optical community as well as his eye for a new designer. He stocks a wide range of frames that offers something for everyone. While the obvious question of the price might be popping into your head around this time, Optica la Mar offers great value for money and won’t give your bank manager a heart attack! The shop also has a lab in the back, which means that normally you can choose, pay for and walk away with your glasses in hours, meaning holidaymakers with a short window can still benefit from this fantastic experience. What better feeling coming off the flight home, suntanned and sporting a brand new look! Almost makes going home bearable.

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