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When Lio arrived it didn’t raise the bar for the restaurant experience on the island; it took the bar off and fired it into the stratosphere! Going out for dinner has always been much more of an experience in Spain, more so than most other countries in Europe. It happens later and it takes longer, it’s not something you do before you go on a night out, it is the night out itself. Lio took this notion and gave it a sense of exclusivity, glamour and theatre, making a night in the popular restaurant / cabaret lounge one of the highlights of your Ibiza trip.

Lio enjoys a stunning location, with the multi-million euro yachts of the marina at the front door and the open back looking across to Ibiza Town and the spectacularly lit Dalt Vila, you might find it hard to concentrate on the interior when you are first shown to your seat. Once acclimatised you can take a moment to survey your surroundings and it is like no restaurant you have ever been to. There is a real sense of drama to the interior, lush furnishings, beautiful lighting, a stunning long bar and a huge water feature that becomes the stage! As you would expect from the Pacha group, this is lifestyle personified, it takes dining to another level completely. The menu is varied and everything is of the finest quality, whatever your palate, there is something that will have your juices flowing before you’ve made the first cut.

Once you’ve been shown to your seat, had the obligatory look around and made yourself comfortable, the show really begins. Our first experience was best summed up when the servers for our table, of which there were about eight, spontaneously burst into song and dance, which caught us a bit off guard initially but once you realize it is happening throughout the venue, it’s easy to relax and enjoy the show. Some of the performances that take place during and after the meal are simply spectacular. At 10pm the cabaret really kicks in and gets seriously sexy. Dancers, acrobats and singers, wearing glamorous sequined costumes perform around the venue, between the tables and on the glass stage covering the pool. It’s not unusual for international stars to pop in and perform, we were fortunate to catch singing star Seal deliver an after dinner performance, which was breathtaking!

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Once the cabaret finishes, Lio becomes a late night lounge bar with dancing, again it’s a change that happens organically and becomes yet another part of the amazing experience. The service is five star, which is exactly what you would expect from a venue that has turned the simple action of going for dinner into an art form. It has something for everyone and there were a mixture of all ages during our taste of Lio, the atmosphere is unlike anything else we have experienced on the island and the feeling that once you are initially seated, this is you for the whole night, really puts you at ease. A few delicious cocktails from the extensive menu also help get in the mood, making you feel at home and ready for whatever comes your way. Lio is much more than the sum of its parts; yes it’s a delicious meal in great surroundings with amazing entertainment but more than that its an experience that will stand out as a major highlight when you look back on your time on the island.

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