If you are determined to improve your wellness this year, health food company Amazonia EU has got you covered. Having made waves on the White Isle by supplying Ibiza residents with Brazilian super fruit acai as well as a range of proteins and other nutritional supplements last summer, the young and dynamic team started to supply the European mainland including Spain, Switzerland, Greece, Belgium, the Netherlands and Austria, as well as the UK market with its innovative products.

Its most famous product is arguably the Organic Acai frozen smoothie pack, which retains all the medicinal and detoxifying properties of the super food in the form of frozen fruit pulp. Full of antioxidants and vitamins, the powerful Brazilian berry is the perfect antidote to all the festive indulgences you may have partaken in. Amazonia EU’s Nicholas Andonakis explains, “Acai has been used by Brazilian people for centuries for revitalising and energising. It has incredible amounts of antioxidants and it’s a naturally strong detox facilitator, so whatever poison you put into your body the day or night before, the acai will help to flush it out.”