Ibiza Wellness and Fitness

Ibiza might be the clubbing capital of the world but it is also an island in touch with its spiritual side. It is as famous for its tolerance and sense of community as it is for the huge clubs and parties that attract millions of clubbers every year. Ibiza has a real sense of healing about it, it’s no coincidence that many healers, spiritualists, holistic couches and wellness consultants gravitate to the island and settle down, creating the caring community that exists today.

The wellness practitioners are many and varied and they offer a range of treatments and experiences that look after the mind, the body and the soul. With our wellness platform we hope to bring these amazing people to your attention, many of whom you will already know and some which might offer a surprise. The Essentialibiza wellness platform showcases the talented and genuine individuals who selflessly work to try and make the island a better place for all and who help us overcome many ailments using their given talent. This is a place where we give back to the people who help make this one of the most understanding, accepting and positive places to live in the world.

When it comes to fitness, Ibiza is as obsessed as the rest of the world, with numerous cool gyms and personal trainers available to give you that perfect beach body. State of the art gyms, with numerous programmes to keep the pounds off can be found all over the island. When it comes to personal training, Ibiza has become an attractive proposition for some of the finest fitness gurus in the world. Offering innovative training, with nutritional advise to boot, it is the perfect place to get you body and mind in shape and to enjoy life with the flexibility that your body deserves. On the fitness and wellness platform, we go the extra mile, try the fitness regimes and make sure we showcase the very best that the island has to offer.