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Elrow (singermorning) Tickets 24 June 2017 - Ibiza 2018

Elrow (Singermorning), Saturday 24 June 2017

This is a past event. To view current events click here to view our Party Calendar.
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Barcelona's hottest party moves to Amnesia for 2017 taking over the Saturday night slot. Expect a sell-out crowd every week for this one.

Elrow have one objective, and that's to entertain. The Spanish clubbing giants host wild unique parties with over the top themed theatrics, eccentric costumes, inflatables and confetti. Expect some of the biggest DJs to join in on the crazy antics. Past headliners have included Steve Lawler, Art Department, Hot Since 82, Ilario Alicante, Joseph Capriati, Kolsch, Seth Troxler, Sidney Charles, Dusky, Patrick Topping and Paul Ritch.

Every Saturday from 3rd June to 30th September 2017 immerse yourself in Elrow's unique atmosphere of music colour and spectacle the likes of which you won't see anywhere else. This party is a must.

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