Talamanca Beach

Talamanca Beach is one of the two beaches closest to Ibiza Town. This huge cove, one of the largest on the island, has a gorgeous shore of fine white sand. The water is transparent and shallow but soon turns into an underwater forest of Posidonia within a few meters of the shore. At the far ends of the cove, the shore turns rocky, providing plenty to explore while snorkeling. With all kinds of watersports and activities, including beach volley, Talamanca Beach is an extremely comfortable and well-served beach.

Very easy to reach, it borders with Marina Botafoch when heading north. Despite its popularity, the beach always has enough space for everyone to enjoy it without having to climb over other people’s towels to find a spot, as is the case with many beaches in Ibiza in full-blown summer. While frequented by many families with children because of the safe environment and shallow waters, many locals also come here for a few hours during their breaks from work, as well as numerous tourists sleeping off their reveling from the previous night/s, evidenced by their clearly unconscious states and drooling open mouths, regaining energy in preparation for the next party. Nevertheless, it is considerably tame compared to the other beaches next to Ibiza Town. Talamanca Beach welcomes and has something for everyone. In addition to the numerous restaurants, beach bars, and hotels right on the sand, Talamanca provides all kinds of comforts not present on most of the island’s other beaches. A wooden walkway runs along the entire bay, perfect for a leisurely walk or panoramic jog, and connects the numerous establishments, many of which provide beach service bringing food and drinks to your sun loungers. This beach also has public restrooms, showers, and even lockers, none of which are all that common on the island’s principally smaller beaches.

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The numerous restaurants and beach clubs along the bay provide varying cuisines to suit any budget and are mostly casual affairs. The first on the bay when arriving from Marina Botafoch is Restaurante Flotante, which as its name indicates seems to float above water with tables on a deck actually on the water. Very rustic in appearance, it serves fresh seafood at reasonable prices with an absolutely lovely view. The Marisqueria is next and also serves seafood. Right on the beach is also the Ristorante Hostal Talamanca, of the hotel, which has excellent prices and traditional Ibicencan food. Literally on the sand immediately after the hotel is a little beach bar called Allegria consisting of some tables and a couple of tiny wooden huts right on the sand selling an incredible variety of freshly made fruit juices and smoothies as well as alcoholic versions of them. Next is Talamanca Beach Club, an Italian restaurant and pizzeria that offers Italian cuisine at good prices and also has tables on the sand. Also right on the beach, the Restaurante El Barco has tables among palm trees serves traditional Ibicencan dishes and fresh seafood from a live tank. Restaurante El Pulpo offers local and Spanish cuisine, with traditional seafood dishes, with all tables being seaview. The Restaurante Bellamar serves homemade Mediterranean food, specializing in traditional paella, seafood, and fish.

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On the opposite side, La Bodega Talamanca has suggestive views of the bay and Ibiza Town, an authentic setting and tasty tapas and wines, in a relaxed and tropical atmosphere, for starlit dining as well. The Zaibiza Café Beach Bar also offer lovely views of the bay, a hippie eco-friendly feel, and simple food. At the far end of the bay but on the rocks sits Sa Punta Ibiza, looking over the entire bay. A well-established and stylish option, it provides fine-dining Mediterranean with an Asian touch and 5-star service, recently having a room top restaurant and bar serving Lebanese cuisine, the first on the island, called Patchwork, and an Asian Food Bar named Ginger offering Asian favourites. Should these options not suffice, the close by Marina Botafoch has plenty more. Talamanca Beach provides the beach experience without any of the hassles. This beach can be easily reached with any means of transportation, bicycle, and even on foot from Marina Botafoch though not advisable in the scorching heat of July and August, but the regular ferry-service from numerous locations in the vicinity is always the most characteristic and hassle-free way of getting there, making the trip part of the fun.

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