Calo Des Moro

This small beach is immediately outside the main part of San Antonio, at the far end of the Sunset Strip. Being part of an urban setting, it offers all services, including decks and walkways for disabled access. Very busy at the height of the summer, it nonetheless has the always appreciated and welcome quality of benefitting from gorgeous views of the sunset. You are a short walk away from venues such as Kanya and further around the romenade to the Sunset Strip and Mambo Ibiza, Cafe Del Mar, Savannah Ibiza and Mint Lounge.

Note: at 4:03 p.m., due to a ferry leaving the port of San Antonio, the beach is routinely flooded by the waves. Anyone there at that time should make sure to have his/her belongings safely waterproof or stored on the nearby rocks to avoid having to fish them out of the sea or worse still having to replace electronics. An ideal spot for those looking to chill and enjoy a tranquil spot of sun tanning.

Calo Des Moro Essentialibiza 2017 Beach By La Skimal005