Cala Comte

Cala Comte is an absolute must for anyone who has not yet seen it. Ranking among the most beautiful beaches on the island, it seduces with its exotic appearance and the purity of the environment. Almost like stepping onto a different planet or, this beach has an otherworldly quality to it. Composed of three small coves – thus its plural denomination Platges de Comte in Catalan – it is surrounded by what resembles a Martian landscape of reddish rocks carved by erosion, adding to its faraway feel.

The exceptional combination of the infinite shades of blue, which range from an azure mist to a most distinctive turquoise in the crystal-clear waters, is nothing short of extraordinary. With the gold dust sand beach and captivating coastline, Cala Comte’s distinguishing features create a unique and unforgettable sight. The transparent waters are home to a myriad of friendly fish, common swimming companions within the cove’s natural basin. The varied seabed of sand, scattered rocks and outcrops or, with caution, even the nearby islets, make for delightful snorkeling sessions. Views of the tiny islands of S’Illa des Bosc, S’Espartar, Ses Bledesas and Sa Conillera, as well as other small islets, the Illots de Ponent, on the horizon complete the stunning picture for one of the most mesmerising sunset spots on the White Isle.

Cala Conta Beach Essentialibiza 2017 By La Skimal004

On top of its otherworldly vibe, Cala Comte has the added quality of offering every comfort while retaining its remote feel. In the middle, perched on and partly carved out of the headland between the two main beaches, the striking Sunset Ashram oversees the pristine seascape. With its thatched roof – removed during the beautiful spring and autumn months – this popular beach bar indulges visitors with spectacular views and culinary delights. Mediterranean, Hindú and sushi selections, as well as cocktails made with fresh fruit, fulfill any gastronomic preference. Shopping at the onsite boutique, enjoying a massage on the beach or fun water activities add further appeal. Accompanying it all, the sometimes electronic but always atmospheric grooves from within the ashram, together with the unbeatably soothing sound of waves gently breaking on the shore, soundtrack the scene.

Sunset Ashram

There are three further restaurants all easily reached by foot, with S’Illa des Bosc offering a great spot to enjoy some fresh seafood. Cala Comte’s third beach, concealed from the rest, is a popular nudist spot and reached via a stairway carved within the cliff north of the main beaches. Plenty of free parking is provided on the rock plateau behind the beach, providing everything you need for an amazing beach trip from beginning to end. No wonder this beach is very popular, so be prepared to be in close contact with your fellow seaside revelers in the high season. Regardless, Cala Comte remains one of the most charming beaches on the island, in Spain, and indeed Europe, having been ranked in the Top 10 beaches on Trip Advisor in 2016, as well as being awarded the coveted Blue Flag in 2010. Cala Comte is the picture-perfect place to find oneself immersed in a sensory indulgence of the splendour of the island, nature, and life.

Cala Conta Beach Essentialibiza 2017 By La Skimal009