Cala Benirras

One of the main and best-known beaches of the north part of the island, Cala de Benirrás is famous for its Sundays of drumming hippies, its magical sunset, and carefree vibe. Remarkably picturesque, including the drive to get there, it has a charm all its own and unique on the island, both in scenery and atmosphere.

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A distinctive beach, Benirras has an unusual look that matches its distinctive vibe. The view from the sheltered bay is dramatic, with its unusual rock formations piercing the bright blue skyline, especially Es Cap Bernat, a thin and pointy sea stack that rises 27 meters above the water right in the middle of the bay and gives the place a surreal look, even more so when the sun sets. Benirras’ closed u-shaped bay structure protects it from strong winds. The surrounding woods also have trails leading to the Port de Sant Miguel via the gorgeous Cuevas Can Marça, the caves used by ancient smugglers and pirates, adding to the mystique of this enchanting place. The beach itself is made up of gravelly sand and pebbles, covering the walk into the crystal clear sea. During the day, while distinctive, it appears a traditional beach, with rocky formations all around and the traditional fishermen’s huts on its sides, which makes it another popular spot for snorkeling and diving due to its diverse coastline along the large bay. Water shoes are advisable here for easier access when heading for a swim or snorkel.

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The crowd is mixed in the daytime, with families and children alongside longhaired hippies in unconventional attire and their fair share of tattoos and piercings. Certainly all are welcome to enjoy the spirit of freedom and lightheartedness that is so characteristic of this cove. On Sundays the hippie market also sets the stage for the most suggestive sunset of the week and perhaps the island—definitely one of a kind—so already earlier in the day the energy starts brooding and building up to one of the most spectacular displays of nature and human display. As sunset approaches the legendary bongo drummers of Benirras assemble and begin their homage to another sun soaked day on the island, reaching a crescendo as the sun finally disappears beneath the horizon. An interesting energy emerges quite strongly here at the end of every week, as the hypnotic beats fill the air and Elements lights up the beach.

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One of the two restaurants in Benirrás, Elements is already an integral part of this beach. Taking up an entire corner, it includes a restaurant, cocktail bar, juice bar, lounge, boutique and massage room. Not only gorgeous but also ecologically attentive and earth friendly, in line with the spirit of the beach, it respects nature and has fantastic night events throughout the season. Next door, the Restaurante 2000 is famous for its simple yet delicious homemade Mediterranean cuisine, particularly its dishes based on seafood, which goes directly from the llaüt, the traditional fisherman Balearic fishermen’s boat, to the plate.

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If you have a vehicle then Benirras is an Ibiza must. Parking has improved considerably recently, allowing for plenty of cars during the Sunday rush. Just be prepared to walk a little if planning on arriving later in the day as the closer spots will have filled up, as well as being in very close contact with towels bordering on every side on Sundays in July and August—it’s part of the charm and magic of Sunday sunset at Benirrás Beach so arrive early if you want to choose your spot on the beach.