Aguas Blancas

At the foot of steep cliffs in the far northeast of Ibiza is an unusual very long beach. Agua Blanca is unique on the island with its distinct structure and out-of-the-way feel. Consisting of fine golden sand and scattered rocks both outside and inside the water, it gets its name by the effect created by particular currents and winds that often hit this part of the White Isle. The lack of a protective cove and the conformation of the very gently sloped sea bed cause the waves to break upon the shore in a way that leaves behind a great deal of white foam thus giving the beach its name of “White Waters.”

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Although no water activities or sports are available here, numerous natural – and free – activities are. Being very long and not very wide, this beach offers plenty of room to find oneself a relatively private spot, making it a nudist haven. While pretty much everywhere in Ibiza is nudist-friendly, Aguas Blancas is one of the two official beaches to go au naturel. It nevertheless remains quite mixed, with progressively more nakedness on the northern end, in a spot called Ses Taules beach, reached by crossing over some fallen rocks often in the water depending on the tide. Nevertheless, as commonly in Ibiza, anything goes, including covering oneself with the apparently highly beneficial even regenerative muds also found at the northern end of the beach and taking a stroll back without a care in the world. When the waters are clear, snorkeling can be interesting as well, particularly around the small islets in front of the coast. Gorgeous views of Illa Tagomago, the private island at the eastern end the island, in the south and of Punta Grossa in the north complete the picture-perfect.


With two restaurants, Aguas Blancas has plenty of services. The first one immediately upon descending to the beach, Cima del Mar offers an extensive seafood menu on a rustic but nonetheless beautiful terrace right above the beach. The other option is the Chiringuito Aguas Blancas, at the more secluded southern end of the beach, with great sandwiches, popular with the hippy community. Parking is plentiful and always available although not exactly a close or leisurely walk, particularly on the way back up the steep tarmac. In the past cars were allowed to drive all the way down, but the difficulties with parking down the steep hill restricted access to business loading and unloading only. Due to its eastern orientation and steep cliffs, the beach falls in the shade quite early in the afternoon, thus making it a better choice for early risers or those who want to stay out of the sun. It is also a great spot to watch the sunrise.

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