60 Seconds with Oliver Lanzoni

Oliver took over the reins of Jockey roughly eight years ago from his father. Jockey Club opened in 1993 and runs from early March until the very end of the season at the end of October. The beach club is the first to open on Salinas and the last to close. Breakfast is served from 9am until 1pm where you can have the tastiest eggs on toast complimented by freshly squeezed juices and then lunch/dinner takes over from 1pm until 9pm. The overall concept is one of a beach restaurant that is passionately professional and offers great service with style. Essential Ibiza catches up with owner Oliver Lanzoni.

How would you describe your clientele?

Our clientele has grown from young party people to much more families. People tend to maybe mix us with days at the Blue Marlin or Amante. We offer very good cuisine, a great selection of cocktails, a food bar, salads, pizzas, meat, fish and a great wine list. In fact we really do have an excellent bar and I believe the best wine list on the beach. The level of quality we take on our restaurant is unusual for a beach club. We have, for example, many people work for us, 66 people in total. Many of my staff return year on year and maybe 15 or so have worked with me for the past five years. We have beds also, maybe 100 but we don't reserve them. Mostly families take the beds in the morning and stay all day. We provide service to the beds, which is the same standard as in the restaurant. Also we have shops with t shirts, jewellery, dresses and many things and in addition to this we issue a professionally produced Jockey Club CD every year. We have a DJ here who plays from 3pm to 8pm.

How would you describe a normal day at the beach?

Wow.... well, every day is different, I arrive at between 8am to 11am and I stay until about 10:30pm every day during the season, other than Wednesday, which is my day off. I like to work and I love the restaurant, it's also important to me that my staff enjoy their work and so I make sure I try and prepare everything so that they can enjoy their day. At the restaurant, some days I'm on the cash till, sometimes I'm fixing problems but my work is mostly to make sure everyone else can work well. You can never prepare for some of the things that happen and I'm often needed around the place. I think Salinas five years ago used to be the beach of Ibiza, but now with so many more possibilities, people go other places and as a consequence the beach has become a much more friendly place.

What is your favourite part of the day?

Ha-ha, probably it is at the end! Maybe between 8pm and 10pm is good, but also in the summer mornings its nice from 9 until 1pm. From 1.30 it gets really full here.

How do you unwind on your day off?

I unwind with my children, I have two great kids. Maybe six years ago I used to go to Pacha but I haven't really been since, I now maybe go once in a while to Cocoon at Amnesia. Last summer I went to Ushuaia and I also may go to some of the Blue Marlin opening parties but usually on my day off I go to the beach, maybe somewhere like Es Cavellet. I like very much to eat good food and drink good wine!

Oliver can be found at Jockey Club every day (other than Wednesdays!), at Salinas beach, Sant Jordi.