Walking Ibiza

There’s a little-discussed side of Ibiza that attracts many tourists in its own right – the opportunity for perfect solitude in beautiful Mediterranean surroundings. Whether you’re exploring the salt flats of Salinas, the mountains in the North or one of the many beautiful beaches that the island boasts, there’s so much to see here on the White Isle. Sure, you could just set off and hope to find the hidden gems yourself – and maybe you would – but for guaranteed success, a walking tour offers the best of the island without the hassle. Walking Ibiza offers a number of interesting tours, paying close attention to the moon cycles and beautiful island sunsets to ensure your trip is special.

Walking Ibiza offers something for everyone, so you’ll be able to discover the natural beauty of the White Isle regardless of your age, interests or fitness levels. Choose from a short and sweet hike out to the caves or up the peninsular, or opt for something a little more challenging with the classic walks – some of which encompass hilly climbs and treks (but also a picnic!) There’s shady walks for those trying to stay out of the blazing heat, and specific walks for people wanting to learn about the history or see some of the art that Ibiza has to offer. For an extra special experience, attend the monthly full moon walk to enjoy the mystical island at its most enchanting.