DC10 Ibiza

Throughout the evolution of the dance music scene there have been numerous venues that stand out from the rest, that hosted seminal parties, game changing DJs and made significant contributions, challenging musical parameters, exciting generations of clubbers and driving the scene forward, the likes of Paradise Garage, Ministry Of Sound and Berghain are only a few that spring to mind. Given that Ibiza has been the clubbing focal point for much of this evolution, it’s only right that it should play host to a few of these venues and when it comes to underground music, clubbers the world over travel to the island with one particular venue in mind, DC10. What started life as an airport storage facility would become the island outcast, the club that revelled in being an outsider before becoming one of the biggest island attractions. It’s an amazing story and one that shows no signs of any kind of conclusion as DC10 goes from strength to strength with each passing season.

In its early years, DC10 had no idea the level it would rise to, happy at being on the outside looking in, even its one party, Circo Loco, took place on Monday afternoon, maintaining its unfashionable reputation and steadily adding to its followers around the club world. Nowadays, Circo Loco remains one of the biggest parties on the island, hosting the cream of the underground community on a weekly basis throughout the summer not to mention travelling the world, spreading its underground gospel and keeping up with the demand for the crazy clown. While it could be argued that much of the island club life has embraced the VIP/ celebrity fad, DC10 and Circo Loco remains true to the music, preferring to concentrate on improving the soundsystem rather than adding luxurious booths for table service. Circo Loco now boasts an army of followers across the clubbing planet and it is a partisan crowd that DJs love to play in front of.

When it first burst on to the scene, DC10 was rightly known as a one party club, Circo Loco was the one party that tempted clubbers away from the comfort of the more popular resorts. In recent times this has also changed, with the new generation of clubbers looking to get their DC10 fix on more than just one occasion. Tania Vulcano had a successful Friday party for a while and the last couple of seasons has seen Jamie Jones, one of the many DJs that has cut his teeth in the Circo Loco booth, and his Hot Creations label take on its own party, Paradise, initially starting on a Thursday night before moving to Wednesday and enjoying massive success. This summer also saw a series of Saturday night takeovers with the likes of Apollonia – Dan Ghenacia, Dyed Soundorom and Shonky – take the club on a Saturday night musical journey. DC10 has become one of the must-visit venues for discerning clubbers heading to Ibiza, from the Ibiza virgins it is a rite of passage, for the seasoned visitors it is an old friend that they make a point of saying hello to on a yearly basis at the very least. New Years Day in DC10 with Circo Loco has become the ultimate way to start the year for the battle hardened party people from around the world as the army of loyal DC10 followers continues to grow. From the opening and closing fiestas, which feature an unprecedented amount of international talent, incorporating the garden as well as the main room and terrace to the numerous talent filled parties throughout the summer season and New Year, the venue is consistently full, as no one wants to be left on the outside listening to the growling bass. DC10 might have started life as an Ibiza outsider but it’s most definitely the coolest kid in the playground these days.