Re-Set One

Posted on February 25, 2015

In my head, there are 2 buttons in life. The Re-Set Button and the F**k it Button. Life is a dance, flirting and drifting towards the F**k it and sometimes, body slamming full force into it. That is just how we roll as humans. This directly leads back to our magic friend, Mr. Re-set. The one we call upon when we need a little game changer to smooth out the pattern and bring us back so we can start again, re-freshed and re-surrected in the after math. But how do we re-align, re-depict our journey, and find new ways to keep us on our path?

Well, it just so happens, that Ibiza is one of the places on earth where I find this hardest! So why do I live here, as a yoga teacher? You may well ask! However, like anything that presents a huge challenge, it is strangely addictive. This little see-saw game pretty much describes island life on Ibiza. I set up JoGa Beats, a music led vinyasa flow class and my Ibiza yoga retreats two years ago and I so often get asked what it is like working here, and living the “alternative” lifestyle of the island. The answer? It is a little like walking a yogi tightrope, hence the name of this project was born, Re-set. Without the Re-set button and being able to find a way to let go of what has just happened and move on from it, life here would be almost impossible. Ibiza life can be turbulent and like any experienced pilot you’re going to hit that turbulence frequently, but the more you come to expect it, really feel it out and navigate it, with new knowledge each time it kicks in, the better you get at remaining (mildly!) in control of it or at least being able to land and stay grounded in the aftermath. Wobbling, toppling off, re-mounting, re-exploring and re-defining your boundaries is a daily process and sometimes a continuous cycle of summertime Ibiza. But? As I re-surface and bounce back, I learn so much and I know I find new ways to ear mark what I do want and ways to tackle and steer clear of what I do not. This is not just about parties, but all manner of complications that arise when you least expect them in Ibiza and plunge you full force into an unexpected metamorphosis on a daily basis. Life is never dull on this island that is for sure. The people I meet, the way of life never ceases to surprise me. When I think I am un-shockable something else always pops up and that is what keeps me on my toes in class and beyond. In fact, no matter how unseated, I always return even more determined to make it work here, to learn the lessons I often feel I am here to work on and share and this is why Re-Set feels like the project to do exactly that in a weekly radio show with guests who have done that in their life, struggled, fought, but made it and excelled themselves in their chosen fields. There are so many of these incredible stories on this beautiful island and that is what makes it such an interesting place to be!


The fact of the matter is, the “path” is a steadfast, stubborn, rocky old road with twists, turns, hairpin bends, cross roads, blind corners, one way streets and all manner of stop and start signs, pink rocks, left at the fig trees, right on the dirt road tracks, up the camino, which just keeps us expecting the unexpected. In a nutshell it is what makes you get up each day, with that sensation in the pit of your belly telling you today is going to be yet another roller coaster. There is no “typical” day in Ibiza summertime for me and the people I get called out to teach, which includes Hen parties, 50th birthdays, privates for Hollywood actresses, the rich, the famous, the just home from DC10’s and in need of JoGa Come Down Queen class, the limber up for the dancefloor early morning session, yummy mummies, the island weekenders, yacht yoga – I have done it all in the past two years and loved every single minute! Plus, my favourites, my regular JoGa bunnies, the gorgeous creatures that come to class regularly and watch the chaos unfold each week amongst the “tourists” who swing by, often literally at Ibiza Rocks House At Pikes, with a wry smile on their face. The aim of Re-set is to deliver, every Monday morning when some may be in a mini start-of-week slump, a show which you can connect to, hear good news, good music and listen to some of the island favourite thinkers, dreamers from all walks of life, to help you get inspired and stay there. We will play music that lifts you up, have chat that makes you listen with no waffle or self indulgence, We are here to catapult you, full force into your highest essence of being, to turn you ON, Re-set you back to ground base, so you can start your day again, start your week again and find a footing, a foundation to move from that feels good! This week on the show we have Talvin Singh, telling us how he learned to play Tabla, one of India’s most impossible-to-master drums by starting out at grass roots level and also DFA label boss, James Murphy on how he stays focused to achieve his dreams and not be punted off his musical path. To finish the show we have our weekly feature, ‘Three Things’, where you tell us what you wish you had known then that you know now. This week is island stalwart, Billy O’Rafferty, a loveable rogue who has lived here for 25 years.


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