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Since it first opened on the island in 1999, while it did undergo a stunning reincarnation last year, the general experience has been the same throughout its island tenure. You can enjoy a stunning menu in spectacular surroundings and be looked after by some of the most professional and friendly staff on the island. The new layout allows for a real flow of positive energy throughout and the grand dining room is even grander than ever, with the centre-piece being an impressively large chandelier.

The restaurant is rightly the focal point of the Bambuddha experience but the food is only part of it, the smell of the place, the surroundings you dine in, the vibe, which you can feel from the minute you walk through the entrance, is all designed to put you at ease and to challenge your senses, resulting in a night that you will never forget and one that you will want to repeat again and again. The Mediterrasian fusion offers a delicious menu with choices to suit every palate, it’s a close as food can get to theatre!

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Away from the dinner table the venue has been known to throw the odd party, the opening and closing parties are the stuff of legend and Halloween really has to be seen to be believed. As you would expect, a place that pays so much attention to the smallest detail tends to go out to transform itself into a wonderland as is befitting the occasion. It’s a popular destination for islanders and for tourists in the know, booking in advance is a must, as getting a table on the fly can be almost impossible. The boutique also offers some after dinner browsing and the chance to pick up one or two souvenirs to help remember your time in the Thai temple.

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