60 Seconds With Andy Wilson

Sonica Radio

Sonica Radio provides a cool soundtrack for Ibiza, day and night; whether you're chilling in the sun, grabbing some food or getting ready to go partying. Andy Wilson wears several hats around the station, when he's not deciding who and what go on air, he's delivering his eclectic playlist or catching up with one of the islands numerous international DJs. Essential caught up with him off air to get the lowdown on Sonica…

How did you come to be involved with Sonica Radio?

My colleagues and I were working at another radio and decided to go independent so we set up Sonica in 2007.

What is your role at the station?

I'm programme director, DJ, presenter, producer and spancunian speaker.

How would you describe the station to anyone who hasn't heard it before?

The world's best radio station for lovers of Balearic beats and proper house music.

Sonica has a reputation for delivering cool, bespoke outside broadcasts, what can we expect from you this summer?

We're all over - we're coming live from Amnesia every night, We Love Space on Sundays, Warung on Wednesdays, Cream pre-parties, lots of beach broadcasts like Sands with Carl Cox, Kumharas Sunset Sessions with Stephane Pompougnac, Sonar in Barcelona , the IMS in Ibiza, plus lots of other stuff I can't tell you about yet!

What are you thinking when you are preparing the station schedule?

We're looking for the right balance between music for the day and the night, between electronic and organic, between new, old and future, between music made in Ibiza and played in Ibiza, between the local and international, and music that reflects the sound of the island.

Do your DJs have a generic play list or do you let every DJ choose their own music?

We would never tell anyone what to play!

What are your hopes for the station and how close are you to realizing that dream?

That Sonica keeps getting better and stronger, and that more music lovers are able to discover us and enjoy all the fantastic music our DJ's are playing. Music is the word and the word is spreading.