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Space Ibiza is the ultimate club, no matter where you go in clubland, everyone has heard of the temple to electronic music located in a small island in the Balearics that has become a Mecca for lovers of electronic music. Space marks its 27th Anniversary and last ever season in its current venue this year on an island where clubbing is the focal point for half the year, there is no venue that enjoys the legend of Space. Owned by Ibecenco Pepe Rosello, Space has established itself throughout the world as the benchmark for good clubbing. It goes into hibernation in the winter, making sure it is ready for the hectic summer months but when it opens, it heralds the opening of the season. There are now parties that happen prior to Space opening but such is its reach that its opening party is still considered the official opening of the Ibiza season.

Space offers multiple choices for your night out, the Discoteca is the main room, a huge rectangle, with high ceiling, which gives the impression of being in a massive warehouse. Some of the biggest DJs I the world grace the elevated booth and when it is packed, there is no better place to be in the clubbing world - apart from, possibly, the Space Terrace. So many magical things have happened in this room. In any other club in the world, it would be the main room. The distinctive brick at the back of the DJ booth, the raised area in the middle and the multiple levels from which to enjoy your night gives the Terrace a unique atmosphere. If you prefer to make things a bit more intimate you have the option of the Premier Etage, the highest point of the club with no walls so fresh air rushes over you in this room or the Salon, where the music is always slightly less intense than the bigger rooms, making for a good chilling out option. The Sunset terrace is always a good place to start the party, prior to midnight, this is the pace to be.

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Carl Cox

Carl Cox's 'Music Is Revolution- The Next Phase' is the theme of this years Tuesday night party at Space Ibiza. His interaction with the crowd is mind numbingly powerful, and combined with his relationship at Space Ibiza, he brings you to the forefront of techno in an environment drenched in sound, technology and visual art.

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Brasilio Presenta La Troya

Brasilio presenta La Troya is back at Space for the club's final season, now every Wednesday from June 1st until September 28th. One of the biggest gay friendly parties in the world in recent years. Famed for its weekly themes and outrageous productions with music brought to you by resident DJs Oscar Colorado and Camilo Franco, this is an unmissable party for all sexualities.

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Afterlife is a collection of artists from Life and Death, Innerversions and Dystopian including the likes of Dixon, Mano le Tough, Recondite, Rodhad, Mind Against and Voices From The Lake, who are all confirmed to appear. The collective will also be hosting a live show concept with DJs Todd Terje, The Howling and David August.

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With a clear vision to take you on a musical journey through the history of Disco and House Music, Glitterbox continues its second season in Ibiza. A fun and educational night for the discerning house fan.

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Barcelona's hottest party returns to the island to take over the Saturday night for Space's final year in Ibiza. Elrow have one objective, and that's to entertain. The Spanish clubbing giants host wild unique parties with over the top themed theatrics, eccentric costumes, inflatables and confetti.

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Sundays at Space

As Space Ibiza gets set for what will be its last season in Ibiza in its current venue, Sundays at Space, the seminal day for parties at the iconic club will open on Sunday, June 5. Sundays at Space defined Ibiza on a Sunday for over a decade since 1999, testing clubbers stamina with its 22-hour marathon events. As Space marks its 27th Anniversary this season, hosting a series of events all with a nostalgic nod to the good old days, while focussing on the present. It's all set for an emotional last season.

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Price guide


  • 1st Row : 250€ p/p --250€ credit p/p (minimun 8/10 pax).
  • 2nd Row: 200€ p/p -- 200€ credit p/p (minimun 6/8 pax).
  • 3rd Row: 150€ p/p -- 150€ credit p/p (minimun 4/6 pax).
  • High Tables: 150€ p/p --150€ credit p/p (minimun 2 pax).

MAIN ROOM (First Floor)

  • 1st Row: 250€ - 300€ p/p credit p/p (minimun 10pax).
  • 2nd Row: 200€ - 250€ p/p credit p/p (minimun 8 pax).
  • 3rd Row: 150€ p/p -- 150€ credit p/p (minimun 6 pax).
  • High Tables: 150€ - 250€ p/p credit p/p.


  • Table 1 = Prices on request.
  • Table 2 = Prices on request.
  • Table 3 = Prices on request.
  • Tables 4 & 5 = Prices on request.
  • Tables 6/7/8/9/10 = Prices on request.

The lowdown

What you need to know

  • We charge 15% commission in addition to the table price for all bookings.
  • Payment is by Bank Transfer to the Essential Ibiza UK Bank Account at Barclays Bank, London.
  • You can also pay using credit card . This has an additional 5% charge to cover transaction costs.
  • You will receive alcohol up to the value of you're payment for this table.
  • The cost of the table is to be paid 100% up front at time of booking.
  • Bottle Size is a standard sized bottle of NON Premium Spirits (Vodka, Gin, etc) depending on your preference and you will also receive unlimited mixers.

Rules of the house


  • Entrance prohibited to all persons under 18 years of age.
  • Entrance prohibited to all persons not meeting space's accepted standards of dress and behaviour as listed here below:
  • Anyone under the influence of alcohol or any narcotic substance.
  • Anyone exhibiting violent or disorderly behaviour.