Walking Ibiza Around The Island Walk

Posted on October 11, 2013

Words: Iain Thomson

Walking Ibiza is almost ready for its latest Ibiza adventure; Wednesday October 16 at 10.00 am from the corner where the boats leave for Formentera, sees Toby Clarke joined by eight other walkers as they set off on a walk around the island. Having previously walked the island, with only 1 euro with him, Toby has first hand experience of the trials and tribulations that the challenging route can offer but he is living proof that it can change how you think of things, not least yourself. In an age dominated by technology, the island walk is a chance to get back to nature, to check out parts of the island tourists will never see and not many islanders will have either. It’s a journey of discovery in more than one way. Essentialibiza’s Jo Youle will join Toby on the walk, documenting the experience along the way. You will be able to keep up with the group’s progress through listening to the podcasts as well as following them on the map. We caught up with Toby to get his thoughts as he gets set to take eight lucky people on the walk of a lifetime…


You’re about to embark on your legendary walk around the island, how long does this take and what does it entail?
Yes I am feeling really excited about the walk, a different experience from the last time which I did by myself and survived on just €1. This time nine others are joining me for the experience! It will take from 9-12 days, depending on the speed of the group, how long we stop at places, how many rest days we take and other factors, it’s not a race so we take our time. Over the walk we will cover approx. 220 km’s. We really follow the coastline as close as possible so it’s a true around the island walk!

Do you have pre-arranged stopovers that you have to reach each day or do you camp along the route?
A bit of both, I have anticipated where we will end up each night but have to be flexible as the group will make its own speed…


You are carrying all of your equipment along the route, what level of fitness is the minimum for those wishing to participate?
Yes each person needs to carry all they need, including water, tent, sleeping mat, food etc. this can add up to about 10-12kg which to carry all day up and down hills can feel like a lot more at the end! People need to be able to carry the backpack and walk a good distance, it’s difficult to judge how someone will manage before hand and it will be on the first day that I will know how the group is going to do!

What do people get out of the walk?
In this busy world very few people take time out for themselves, this is an opportunity to get away from it all, leave the phone and laptop behind, get back to nature, feel the real earth beneath your feet, breath in the fresh air and sleep under the stars. Each person on the trip will get what they need from it, I am sure it will change some people’s lives and direction as it did mine. It’s a time to relax and do something that to this day I am the only one to have made such a trip…(that I know of) so they are joining an exclusive club!


Can people join the walk for shorter periods of time?
Yes we are asking if people would like to come and join us for ½ hour to 1 hour and walk with the group then that would be lovely, as long as they bring some lovely supplies!

How do they get involved in the walk?
They can follow our progress on the interactive map to see where we are at any time, keep in touch on the Facebook group ‘Walking Ibiza’ and on the website www.walkingIbiza.com.


Can people keep up with what you’re doing and where you are during the walk?
Yes we are going to doing podcasts every few days, which we will upload live, so people can really feel part of the walk and see how each and everyone of us is doing. I am sure there are going to be many interesting moments!

Check out the Essentialibiza Radio Podcast previewing the walk…

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