Marley Kate Shoots The Gypset Diary

Posted on October 16, 2013

Words: Charlotte Kennedy
Images: Marley Kate.

New York Fashion Photographer Marley Kate packed up her bags and swapped the Brooklyn lights for the beaches of Ibiza, and with her she brought her camera. We decided to collaborate together; two girls who usually have oceans between them were brought together by their passion for sunshine and style. We had a fabulous time together on the magical isle of Ibiza, we shot the hot new label ‘The Gypset Diary’ in Dalt Vila and Salinas. Sarah Q and Liz Mendez are behind the label that has lit up the White Isle this summer, sequinned one pieces, high waisted knickers, studded bras with a mix of vintage. This shoot was one of the highlights of my summer, it meant I met Marley, and was able to style some of Ibiza’s hottest looks. I caught up with Marley to understand her journey and unique style…


What made you become a photographer?
I had always loved photography for as long as I can remember. My grandfather was really into photography and gave me a camera when I was around twelve years old. From there I took a black and white photo class and just fell in love with it. I started learning about photographers; Nan Golden and Cindy Sherman were two female photographers who really influenced me at a young age.

Why did you choose fashion photography?
I always had an interest in clothes and fashion. My mum is such a fashionable woman, and growing up with her in New York, I was submerged in it. Images of people that told a story were always my favorite and I wanted to create the same kind of narrative with my photographs, fashion photography allows me to manipulate the clothes, mood, model, location, etc. to tell the story that I want.


What brought you to Ibiza?
My mother had come to Ibiza in the ‘70s when she was around my age and always spoke of how amazing it was. My grandmother was from Spain, and I felt a connection to the country, and always wanted to explore it. One summer, about 6 years ago, I was planning a trip to Barcelona when my mother mentioned that her ex-boyfriend (the person she had originally visited Ibiza with) was still living there, and that I should go visit him and check out the island. I did, and was hooked ever since.

Tell us your favourite thing about shooting in Ibiza?
The locations. I’ve never been to any other place quite like it. Everything is so beautiful with so many different options; you have rock beaches, sandy beaches, nature and city all in one magical place. You really can’t go wrong.


Describe your home town and what its like to be a fashion photographer in New York?
New York is loud and in your face. It’s an extremely competitive and high paced environment. I grew up in New York City so I’m used to the city life here and I love it, it’s made me work hard and probably develop a thicker skin than others. It’s also extremely fun and never really boring, but it definitely makes me appreciate being able to get away, especially to a place like Ibiza where I can have the best of both worlds, excitement and relaxation, city and nature.

Describe Ibiza in one word?

Describe your style in one word?


Gold and silver dress – Lucy in Disguise

Gold shoes – Terry de Havilland – Liz Mendez Vintage

All other looks – The Gypset Diary

Marley Kate


Model – Sarah Q
Hair and makeup