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Amnesia Closing 2012 essential news

Ibiza Party 2012 Amnesia Closing

After a long hard summer, where temperatures soar and the island occupancy increases ten fold, there’s a week or ten days at the end of September beginning of October where there is almost a lull, things calm down slightly, the island almost gets back to a level of normality and then, boom! The closing parties! It’s a short period of time where the madness of the middle of the summer is once again upon us and stamina is needed to get round all of the venues as they say a final goodbye for the season. We’re not ones to start unsubstantiated rumour here at Essential HQ but I’m pretty sure the inspiration for the Michael Keaton movie Multiplicity came during closing party weekend in Ibiza.

Amnesia Closing 2012

Next up on the closing party white knuckle ride is Amnesia, home to Cocoon, Together, La Troya, Cream, Music On and Matinee, one of the genuine giants on the island and one which is used to the finest DJs on the planet delivering a musical gospel on a nightly basis. The grand finale is testament to that as many of the stars of the summer return for the last adios! Matinee residents Taito Tikaro, J.Loius, Andre Vicenzzo, Dick Ray and Lydia Sanz are joined by a string of international stars, including Marco Carola, Steve Lawler, Maetrik, Danny Tenaglia, Chuckie, Stefano Noferini, Lee Schmitz and Mar-T in what promises to be a night to remember. I say a night but the plans are to run the party until 6pm the following night. Careful planning is required.

Amnesia Closing 2012

We left Nic our trusty photographer in Ushuaia to catch the last couple of hours of its elongated closing and headed to Amnesia. Plan is to grab a few hours now, get some sleep and set the alarm for the morning. The Matinee DJs are in charge of the terrace and it is going off already, God knows how these will keep up the tempo until tomorrow night, it’s definitely not one for the feint hearted! Gregori Klosman has taken over in the main room and proceeds to take the tempo up slightly, increasing the level of participation in the room at the same time. Amnesia is an amazing venue, with two rooms completely tailored for nights just like this, if I’m being honest I much prefer when they move the main room DJ both into the centre of the room, it gives a much stronger connection with the crowd, that said, back in its elevated position isn’t doing it any harm at all as the place is going crazy.

Amnesia Closing 2012

Chuckie takes over the reigns in the main room as we head into the Terrace to catch some more fro the Matinee residents, they might not be the biggest names on the bill tonight but they are showing exactly why the Saturday night in Amnesia is so popular. Chunky beats, with a touch of Latin influence, driving basslines and the odd vocal or three has the terrace bouncing. Sexy Amnesia dancers look down on the crowd from their podiums, tassles flowing freely as they get their groove on. Having checked the line up and DJ times carefully, we are fully aware that Danny Tenaglia gets the ball rolling at 7.30am so we drag ourselves home for a couple of hours kip before the really crazy part begins. As we leave, one final check on both rooms and they are packed, both going off, the perfect way to end a successful season.

Amnesia Closing 2012

No sooner has the head hit the pillow than the alarm goes off, straight up, showered, dressed and back on the road. Sunday is a day of worship after all and one of the all time legends of our scene is about to play a set in Amnesia. Danny Tenaglia is a musical genius, fact! His contribution to the scene is immeasurable, he is one of those people, without whom, there might not have been a scene in the first place. To see him front and centre of a massive Ibiza audience cranking out jacking house is what a Sunday morning was made for, no? The main room has closed now and the focus is on the terrace, the giant screens at the opposite end of the DJ booth inform everyone who is in the booth, the balcony overlooking the room is ten deep at the railings as everyone tries to get the best vantage point for their facebook picture! It’s a proper clubbing marathon and there is plenty more still to come.

Amnesia Closing 2012

Local boy Mar-T is next up and threatens to tear the roof of the place, something that would not be unpopular with those of us that have memories of the terrace before they covered it. His driving, chunky set is littered with cheeky accapella’s, Madonna’s ‘Get Into The Groove’ has the crowd around us signing at the top of their voices, thanks for that Mar-T! The breakdown brings with it an air of anticipation, the bass drops out, there may be a loop on just to prolong the agony before everything starts to build back up, parts of the tune come back in, the last thing to arrive is the bassline then a split second of silence before the tune erupts and the crowd goes with it. Huge ice cannons cover the floor in seconds and streamers and confetti explode from above us. I’m not normally a great fan of this but in the light of day, it actually generates even more energy in the big room.

Amnesia Closing 2012

Eric Estornel is one of the hottest producers/ DJs on the scene at the moment, you’ll know him better as Maceo Plex but this morning it is his Maetrik alter ego that controls the booth and he is taking no prisoners. The masses facing him have clearly gone to the Ben Johnson school of preparation for a big race and they are ready for whatever he has to throw at them, that would be wicked grooves, on a chunky tip that makes sure there is no slacking on the dancefloor. Steve Lawler is the next one to accept the baton and after a summer of Viva Warriors who better to lead this merry gang? Can they make it through the afternoon in this huge warehouse in the middle of Ibiza? Of course they can, these are hardened clubbers from all over the world, the best of the best, they have trained their whole life for this. This is the last chance to listen to their favourite DJs in this venue until next summer and they are making the most of it. We are slightly disappointed that we still feel so fresh.

Amnesia Closing 2012

Lawler spent the last year hosting parties in unique spaces around the world, a nod to the halcyon days of old where the party was wherever it could be, clubs as we know them today never existed. I can’t help but think, as I look out across the huge crowd, that this must remind him of a few warehouse experiences back in the day. Maybe that is responsible for the grin on his face as he leads his weekend warriors on a merry dance. Marco Carola is the last man standing I the booth, something he will be well used to after his amazing Music On residency. This is definitely a guy with the stamina to see the party home. He is a popular finisher, the crowd roars in approval as he gets set to take the party up to that last level. Music On has smashed Friday nights in Amnesia this summer, resulting in some of the craziest parties on the island. Marco proceeds to show the gritty crowd exactly why.


The last part of the clubbing marathon is filled with smooth, flawless techno, the podiums that were home to the sexy dancers for most of the night have been reclaimed by the dancefloor and are now full of half naked gym addicts and over enthusiastic crowd conductors, there could be a few reality TV show idea in there? As Marco finally brings the party to a close, the thousands that still pack the terrace provide a monster applause. There are those who have clearly been here since the whole thing kicked off yesterday, those who have been club flitting throughout the night and some who arrived this morning for the day time countdown, everyone stands together and pays a vocal tribute to one of the island’s finest venues. The party doesn’t stop there however, it’s the closing week after all, Marco Carola has an after party planned so the marathon continues. That’s all from Amnesia for 2012, roll on Ibiza 2013!

Amnesia Closing 2012


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